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I recall something like that happening in my country, cops were getting charged for each bullet they fired, death rates in shutouts were reduced significantly (but increased for cops)

This is a no-brainer. Bullets plus powder is somewhere in the category of 1.5 gp per shot. Just the cost of doing business.

I mean, the gunlsinger can walk around without bullets if he doesn't want to pay for them... but.........

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Um, yeah, you pay for them the same as arrows. They're just a lot more expensive.
Ah. So it was just a question of the DM tracking spent ammunition? How does one indicate that on a chronicle sheet?

Based on what you are saying, it sounds like it was being handled vis-a-vis, a direct reduction in the characters gp after each shot.

You go into the module with however many arrows/bullets you bought prior.. if you use all 20 or however many, you're out of luck until you buy more in town.

No, I meant how does one indicate someone used up 50 shots? I think the situation Mike was dealing with, the cost per round was like 8gp (I think the guy was double firing or something). Apparently the GM was not tracking it and neither was the player. Mike said something about once he made them track the gold, the player suddenly decided he wasn't going to fire his gun with an -8 penalty.

But after the player leaves the table, I'm wondering what stops him from just ignoring the spent ammo? If the Chron doesn't list it as gold spent....?

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