Band of Bastards - The Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Villain Campaign

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Band of Bastards - The Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Villain Campaign

MHRP: Band of Bastards - Forum
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
Ad Closes: Jun 10 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Band of Bastards
A Marvel Heroic Roleplay Campaign

So you want to be the bad guys for once? I need three!

Set in a crossover 'verse with a bunch of other properties (offhand, the DC-verse, Devil May Cry, The Skull Man/Cyborg 009 and Kamen Rider), Band of Bastards is a playthrough of the MHRP starter adventure Breakout, but from the other side of the fence. The PCs are convicts breaking out of the Raft, a maximum-security prison designed solely for superpowered criminals.

Spider-man's long time foe Electro, at the behest of unknown forces, causes a massive power disturbance which knocks out the security systems. The Grim Reaper, working for Hydra, is also planning a head-on attack on the Raft.

After escaping, they'll be able to plan for taking over the world, by subverting or conquering one evil organization at a time...

No prior experience of the system or the Marvelverse necessary, all you need is a character concept, randomly generated datafile, a regular posting schedule and a willingness to let the dice roll where they are!


Guidelines for character generation:
  • Use the Random Character Generator PDF to generate your character using the roll tags here on MW.
    The following house rules apply:
    • Roll two dice for your origin and choose one.
    • One free reroll on any chart.
  • Think of the background and powers for your character based on the results
  • Assign a nemesis for your character (i.e. which superhero got them thrown in the Raft in the first place)

If you aren't happy with your results, consult with me and we'll work something out. MHRP is a pretty open system so anything pretty much goes!

Looking forward to it, everyone.

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...Did I see Devil May Cry around there somewhere?

Does that mean there'll be the devils and characters from the DMCverse, or can we actually play as one of the characters? That reminds me of that one episode from the DMC anime in which Dante was locked up and then broke out spectacularly.

Yes, that's correct. Its more of the former, since one of my current players is a giant DMC fan who's playing an infernal, dimension-traveling mind flayer being pursued by bounty hunters, among which is Dante.

Do you want us to make a thread for our own character to roll in or should we just all roll in the same thread? If I remember right, you can't roll in a game ad thread.

Oh this could be fun. I bought the game a month or so back (awesome deal for the dead tree version) and have been wanting to try it.

Interested parties should create a thread here to roll up your characters. Thanks Krimson!

No worries. Applicants will probably want to roll in multiple posts, since certain rolls are dependant on previous results. Good thing we have some time to fluff out the rolls.


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