Sometimes you get what you want and lose . . .

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Sometimes you get what you want and lose . . .

Age of Heroes - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Ad Closes: Jun 6 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Howdy. I was given permission to run a friend's premise. I've reposted the Description from the original Game Ad posted by Groqx. I've also listed house rules for character creation using the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition ruleset. This supersedes those in the write-up.

This is a reboot that will run alongside the existing game on MW. Open my Profile Page to get an idea of what to expect. I joined the site March 8. I'm up to 600 posts at the time I'm posting this. 95 per cent of my activity came from playing in Groqx's game. I posted nearly 10 times a day on average. (Often from work.) Obviously I enjoyed myself. I was emotionally invested in my character. I can honestly say I helped move the story forward and not just for myself. I've lost count of how many times I teased something behind-the-scenes out into the open. Mostly inadvertently. Danger. Tension. These were omnipresent.

Yet I went through the game without attempting a single attack roll. Not one thrown punch. In a Mutants & Masterminds game. Never felt I was missing anything.

Alas all good things must come to an end. Namely my participation in the original. Now it's my turn behind the screen. Looking for 6 players.

Posting: Don't take my posting rate to be the norm. I expect players to post once every 48 hours or at most once a day.

Disclaimer: Don't mistake the words "adult/mature" to mean players will have free rein to explore situations of that

Read: Sexual.
nature. I will not hesitate to remove anyone who attempts to steer the game in that direction.

Read this after the Description.

Post submissions in this forum.

Update 5/26: Just saying thank you to everyone who posted interest so far. "Thank you."

CONCEPTSAngeloftheOdd - Jen Buchard, F, 19. Starting over. Entering college. Empathic weather manipulator.
Arknight - Tony LeCouer, M, 22. Fragile. Density Controlling Powerhouse.
BeyondThePale - Daniel Cain, M, 26. Completing Psychology PhD. Next: the FBI. Martial Artist, hand to hand fighter base.
BlackStarRaven - Hyunia Kwok, F, 23. Degree holder in marine biology. Animal based powers, Mobile Agility based fighter.
Corellon - Sam Englert, F, 25. Stanford grad (Physics). She's a transmuter and energy controller, capable of flight and force manipulation to act as a lightweight paragon.
Groqx - Corey Brighton, M, 24. Vocalist working at Howl at the Moon in Baltimore City. Party transport and communication: Portal array with teleportation based on Cosmic Power.
Kaitou Kage - Mark Masterson, M, 22. Psych major on an athletic scholarship. Skeptic. Telepath, information gatherer, and sensory manipulator.
Little_Rudo - Naomi Kennedy, F, 24. Clergy of the Episcopal Church. Married to Marcus. A priest-in-training turned divine healer, blessed with healing gifts and angelic wings.
Longthyme - Albrecht McAllister, M, 25. Architect. Wants friends to call him 'Brett' but no one remembers. Flight and Insubstantiality with high Perception.
Shihong - Cooper Williams, M, 23. Artist. Enthusiastic. Battlefield controller and ranged disabler.
The Snark - Jill Ryan, F, 25. Paragon, striving for perfection - or at least the appearance of it.

|| Listening now: (new 6/23)

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I'm definitely interested! I've never played MM, besides a single very short-lived game, so apologies ahead of time if I struggle a bit with the rules. I'll see if I can come up with something interesting!

Hm, I've been wanting to play a superhero game lately and this one sounds really interesting. Wish I had this system.

Wow, cool. I'll have to look at that.

On the subject of lone wolves, what about one who isn't that way by choice, but more due to a combination of circumstances, and extreme social ineptitude causing most people to find them unpleasant to be around even though they personally actually do want friends and stuff? Then he's not another wannabe badass, he's another tragically misunderstood misfit.

FYI for anyone else who's applying, I'm working a very healing-heavy character. Just pointing this out in case anyone else was interested in that niche, I don't wanna step on toes.


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