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Looking to get a map made

Looking to get a map made

I'm trying to find a decent map-maker, on or off this site, to put together a map of a modern island city-state for a setting I am reinventing. Basically what I want is something clear and concise, depicting districts, important landmarks and main roads. The setting I am looking to reinvent is here with the previous map I had sketched out here. Also, there is my own rough

I want to keep the general look and districts as laid out, but nothing is set in stone. As I mentioned, the artist could be offsite. So if anyone has a suggestion, that would be great. If they have posted time frames and commission rates even better, which means yes I am willing to pay for quality.

Thank you for your consideration.

None of those have helped?

Personally I used one of those to create a schematic of a dungeon and am in the process of adding some details and stuff.

I might see about doing it myself, but if I can find someone who can do better at a decent rate, I'd rather pay someone else to do it.

I also did a simple cloning edit on the pre-generated map that came up since some door placements where just illogical.

Edit: No I'm not an art student or anything like that. I just happen to be learning how to use GIMP. I failed the Multimedia HND.

I will make a version of it and post it to my deviantArt account.

Here is a partial:

You can check out my art on deviantArt:

Heyya just a quick start but what do you think of this style is all low res and the districts arnt that clear yet but ive only spent 15 mins on it so...

Eventually all the districts are gonna be colour coded and there is going to me more aesthetic details

Oh wow that's awesome! I appreciate this and I added you to my Watch List on deviantArt.

Mirai in this world was built up from the Midway Atoll. Its not supposed to resemble its real world counterpart in any way.

@BTRbottom - I've been following the progress at DeviantArt. That looks really awesome so far!


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