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A Bright Presence Fills The Room...

Originally Posted by Raelyn
A shadow flickers. As the various members of the Weave introduce themselves, and respectively vanish, a young lady in black emerges from a dark corner of the room with a light, hesitant step. Her voice is low, not timid exactly, but unpracticed. As if she is not accustomed to speaking her thoughts aloud.

"Welcome." She bows slightly, little more than an incline of her head. "I am Raelyn. A Shadowdancer. Also new to this Realm." She smiles, mostly with her eyes. "I hope you find your stay...enjoyable." Then, with another flicker of movement, she vanishes from your sight.
The green eyed girl turns around, startled from her reading by the sound of a voice. She watches and listens to the woman's greeting, nodding in grateful response as she disappears. "A that I've heard of. I should like to see that young woman again, and speak with her at length."

Originally Posted by KritKrit
Two teenage girls appear, one with a long fringe over half her face, and the others with the slightly pointed ears of a half-elf. They stand with a man in his late twenties, also wearing Western Clothing. He turns to ‘Monocle Man’ and shakes his hand. “Mr Paget,” he says in perfect Queen’s English, “Krit said that since you have been sent, we should join you. I don’t suppose you’ve heard anything about my sister have you?”

The first girl shakes her head with a smile, brushing her fringe away from her eye. “You’ll hab to eggscuse him…” she starts in the same Cut Glass accent, before turning away sheepishly, returning as she puts a set of false vampire teeth in her pocket. “Sorry, forgot about those.” She waves her hand at the man, “Major NPCs, what can I say?”

The other laughs. “I’m Teagan, she’s Becky. Krit-Krit sent us to welcome you too. This is a strange place, but I’m sure you’ll have fun here. We do, it’s great…”

She’s interrupted by another voice. Turning around you see two women standing behind you, staring at the “Vampire” girl. “Molly, did I really look that young?” one asks. She looks to be coming up to her mid-twenties, wearing black combat trousers and carrying a selection of mechanic’s tools on her belt. “It’s hard to imagine.”

The other woman looks slightly younger, and is dressed in a black and green steampunk styled business suit. “I wouldn’t know, would I?” she laughs, an Irish accent clear in her speech. “I didn’t know ya back then. I was still living with my Da…” She shudders at the thought.

“See,” Teagan says, grinning at you. “A very strange place.”

“I wouldn’t change it though,” her young companion adds with a laugh.
At the barrage of voices and personalities suddenly appearing in the room, the girl shakes her head as if to clear it, trying to make sense of it all. Not sure who to greet, she murmurs, "Ah, thank you for the welcome, I...I certainly see what you mean about all the strangeness." In spite of her confusion, she does not seem displeased to meet so many people at once.

Originally Posted by DaReaper95
A hooded figure appears in the window, draped all in black, with white wings arching out of his back and a heavy scythe in his right hand. He uses this implement to tap on the window. Turning, nobody can see his face, but his red gleaming eyes seem to set the room to a chilly temperature. They are not vicious or unfriendly but... piercing. The hooded figure lifts up a gloved hand in a wave, which is oddly comforting given the dark continence of the person or being behind it, then departs, spreading his wings and heading high up into the night to continue his vigil over the mortals of this world.
At the sound of the tap, the girl whips around to look at the window, eyes growing slightly wide at the sight. She shivers at the cold, wrapping her arms around herself. Swallowing, she raises a hand to wave in response to the figure, and watches as he flies away. Once he is out of sight, she walks to the window and cranes her neck to look for him. Unusually enough, she says nothing, just continues staring out the window.

A man enters, clad in a long robe with the hood up, and brushes past all those currently crowding the door. Gives a small bow to Whimsicalyst, removes his hood to reveal jet black skin and slightly pointed ears. He says, "I am Asmir keeper of Artifacts." as he rummages about in his cloak. Whimsicalyst sees many things including a large silver egg and a deck of cards which he presents before her and asks, "Would you perhaps like to choose a card?"
3-10 are not present in any suit if you wish to draw one simply state which one you draw.

"Oh," the girl says, batting her eyelashes and blushing slightly as she looks up at the man. "Pleased to meet you, Asmir." When he offers the deck to her, she smiles. Gently plucking an Ace of Hearts from it, she cups her hands around it and hides it form his view. "Do I show it to you, or no?" she questions, glancing up at him again.

"No you don't have to show me your destiny simply unfolds." Asmir takes the card back and shuffles it back into the deck.
(Whimsicalyst feels that if she wanted to she could get out of any situation once.)

Originally Posted by loveandwar View Post
(Whimsicalyst feels that if she wanted to she could get out of any situation once.)
The wind gently brushes past Whimsicalyst's ear, "This means you can get into any of the games he GM's, once, after he denies you."


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