Empire of the Dragon now open and recruiting!

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Empire of the Dragon now open and recruiting!

Empire of the Dragon - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

So, this idea has garnered some decent interest, and I feel I'm at a place now where I can start the recruitment process.

I'm looking for five players, and I'll be taking one of each of the roles: Striker, Leader, Defender and Controller. I'll be looking for another Striker, Leader or Controller. Not sure an extra Defender would be really necessary, though I'm not dead set against the idea if I hear some good arguments for it. Recruitment is open for the forseeable future. I'll always give plenty of advanced notice before I close recruitment down and try and decide on who to accept.

I'm going to try something I've never done before, and keep the info about what the characters will be doing as vague as possible.

I'm not sure if this next idea would seem annoying or not (if too many people think so, I'll modify it a bit), but I'm also going to be keeping more than general knowledge about the areas of the Empire out of the Ad. If you would like more info on some of the various workings of areas and races, then your character will have to roll for the knowledge before the game starts. I will also give players more information that their characters would know if they are from a certain area (Wilders will know more about Wilders and the Wild, those hailing from the Sanctum or Inner Circle will have a better idea of that area and those Dragon Flights, etc).

Below is the information that everyone would know (some of it will already have been posted, but I'll post it again anyway):

[spoiler=Warning: Lots of info to follow]There was a war amongst the Gods five hundred years ago. Bahamut and Tiamat led opposing forces against one another. Tiamat survived, but Bahamut and all the other Deities were killed off at certain points during the war, their domains taken over by each Deityís less powerful Exarch. This left Tiamat free to reshape the Continent as she saw fit, and rule over it without worrying about being challenged. She reshaped the land into an Empire dedicated to herself and now rules from the Eye of Tiamat, located in the Sanctum. The Council of Five speaks for Tiamat, proclaiming the Laws that Tiamat passes. The Council asserts that Tiamatís own voice is too awesome and pure for most citizens of the Empire to hear and so she must speak through others.

Dragon families (referred to more commonly as Flights) rule in the lands outside the Sanctum, their loyalty to Tiamat varying from fanatical to nonexistent. The Empire is divided into rings: the Sanctum, the Inner Circle, the Mid Reaches and the Outer Reaches, with the more influential and wealthy Flights living closer to the Sanctum. Each Flight has rooms within the Sanctum, though much like the layout of the Empire, in the Sanctum, the wealthier a Flight is, the closer their houses/manors are to the Eye of Tiamat, the massive building that the Council of Five inhabits.

The Eye of Tiamat sits quite literally at the center of the Empire. While Sil'du'Tiam, or The Eye of Tiamat, is its official name, it goes by many other names as well: The Eye, The Heart of Tiamat, The Heart of the Empire, The Heart, Capital City, Festering Soulless Pit of Evil, The Pit, etc.

The Flights of the Inner Circle refer to citizens of the Mid-Reaches as Country Bumpkins. They refer to citizens of the Outer Reaches as Savages, and those races that inhabit the Wilds are disparagingly referred to as Wilders.

The Flights of the Mid-Reaches that aren't bootlickers refer to the Flights of the Inner Circle as snobs (and worse), though many do think of those citizens of the Outer Reaches as Rubes and Savages.

The citizens of the Outer Reaches think that the people living in the Mid-Reaches and the Inner Circle are soft, stuck up gentry. They tend to have a grudging respect for the Wilders, though they don't mean the term so disparagingly as others in the Empire.

Most Flights of the Inner Circle look down on the rest of the Flights of the Empire. These Flights are almost all fanatically devoted to Tiamat, with one or two Flights being indifferent and more interested in amassing wealth and power. They are almost all cruelly oppressive towards the citizens under their "care," leaving much of the population in poverty while the Flights themselves live decadently.

As you come to the Mid and Outer Reaches, dragon Flights are more varied in how they treat their subjects, ranging from oppressive to as kind and fair as possible.

Outside the boundaries of the Empire are the Wilds, where live the numerous and feral tribes of Wilders. Wilders routinely raid the lands of the Empire, doing as much damage as they can and taking off with as much loot as they can carry. They are bloodthirsty, uncouth, unlearned and more savage than the Savages that populate the Outer Reaches of the Empire. The last big raid, known as the Great Scourge, occurred about twenty years ago and took a bit of a toll on the Dragonborn forces of the Empire, and one of the great Dragon families of the Inner Circle was completely slaughtered down to all the women and children. Wilders generally leave women and children unharmed, unless the Wilder tribe is particularly brutal.

Character creation rules!

Alright, so we'll be going with the standard 4th Ed Point Buy rules:

Iím only allowing classes out of the three PHBs. No classes from the Essentials books can be used.

If you are new to 4th Edition and donít know what constitutes an Essentials book, any book with Heroes in the title is an Essentials book (Heroes of Shadow, Heroes of the Feywild, etc). If a class/race/feat is found in both an Essentials book and a PHB or Dragon Magazine, it is acceptable.

As far as races go, any of the races are acceptable, even out of the Essentials books or Dragon Magazine. If youíd like to know how a particular race might fit into the grand scheme of things in this little world Intro and I have created, or how other races may view a certain race, feel free to ask.

Important, be sure to read: There are Expertise Feats in the books. I am banning the use of these feats. Instead, each character will receive those feats for free. These apply bonuses to your Attack, Damage, and Defenses (+1 at Heroic, +2 at Paragon, +3 at Epic).

I'm sure there's PLENTY I'm missing, and quite possibly more I'll be adding along the way.

Game Description:

First, there came the Great War Among the Gods. The Pantheon was split into two factions, each led by one half of the recently split Io. On one side was Bahamut, the other Tiamat. When the dust settled, the entire Pantheon was nearly wiped out, each Deity replaced by his or her Exarch. Bahamut had fallen, and Tiamat emerged victorious without any Deity powerful enough to challenge her.

For the past few centuries, Tiamat has ruled through her Council of Five from the heart of her Empire, with Dragons and their Dragonborn ruling oppressively from their places of power, keeping the other races in check by any means necessary.

"You are about to be both Hall and Oates!"
bahg! didn't close the spoiler tag and I see no way to edit! Grr!

If you have any questions, always feel free to ask.

OH, spoiler tags. You so crazy.

Interested. Dwarf rogue or something, coming up!

Very interested. I'm a DnDi and have been playing DnD since the 2e days. I'll work on putting together a character concept.

Quick questions
1. What is the starting level? It looks like 1, but I wanted to make sure.
2. What kind of start (speaking very generally, of course) can we expect for our characters? I'm fishing for information about where my character should end up by the end of his background story.

Good questions, and things that I should have mentioned.

Starting level is 1st.

Oh, and everyone is allowed a maximum of two character submissions.

Also, choosing a Theme and a Background is encouraged, though not at all required.

The characters will be, for one reason or another (up to the player and something I'm more than happy to help with if need be), in the Mid-Reach small city of Stark. The area is run by a Black Dragon Flight that, while not overly cruel, is a bit harsh with the taxes and tends to let the citizens under their care fend for themselves.

Another quick note: You can be a Wilder, as well. They aren't out of bounds. If you want to play one of the Primal classes, that is more than fine, but you won't find very many Primal characters that hail from the Mid-Reaches or closer. Most come from the Wilds, and some come from the Outer Reaches.

Also, I already have an overarching story in place, but I've left much of the details about different Dragon Flights and areas vague. Feel free to create a Flight and/or city/town/village as part of your backstory. I will do my utmost to include it into the meat of the story. I want player input to help mold the world. I fully intend on this game running from levels 1 to 30.

I have a definate idea for a Shardmind Invoker that should be fun. What are the Expertise Feats, however? Not familiar with them.

Originally Posted by AngeloftheOdd View Post
I have a definate idea for a Shardmind Invoker that should be fun. What are the Expertise Feats, however? Not familiar with them.
Basically, any feat that ends in "... Expertise" and grants a feat bonus to attack rolls. (The initial feats were found in PHB2, and the house rule also obsoletes the Improved Defenses and Weapon Focus feats.)

Does that outlaw the Human only feat that gives +1 to saves as well?

Originally Posted by Intro View Post
Basically, any feat that ends in "... Expertise" and grants a feat bonus to attack rolls. (The initial feats were found in PHB2, and the house rule also obsoletes the Improved Defenses and Weapon Focus feats.)
Ah, thankee kindly!

Can you clarity the +1 bonus? Does the bonus to defenses include all four defenses (AC, fort, ref, will)? I assume the Improved Defenses feats are similarly banned like expertise feats (can't recall if that feat made it into a non-essentials book. Lastly, the bonus provides a +1 to damage. Are the weapon focus feats allowed? You don't mention them, but they fall along the same lines as expertise (I wasn't clear if both were allowed).

Thanks for the clarification!


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