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Upon reading an off-hand reference to this forum on the D&D Community Forums, I figured I'd go ahead and check it out. I don't have a regular in-person group (getting six mid-30s on the same schedule is like herding cats, it seems), and I've done Play-by-Post in the past and found it a good way to get my gaming fix.

I've played (A)D&D 1.0, 2.0, 3.5-via-PC-games, and 4.0. I've been itching to get into a Dark Sun game for ages, but we'll see I suppose.

Welcome to the weave.

There's a very dedicated group of old school gamers here playing modern variants of AD&D and Basic D&D whilst 3.5/ Pathfinder are the most popular by some way if you lump them together.

Hmmmm. I'm fairly intereted in getting into a DnD 1.0 game myself. Never really had the chance to though.

ummm, im running a 1e game. Its red box (1e 3v) not AD&D if thats what you meant by 1st edition.

But anyways...
Welcome to the Weave!

Voxanadu you should but AFTER you run my tag team game with Unsoundcaesar


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