A Song of Skagos

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A Song of Skagos

A Song of Skagos - Forum
Song of Ice and Fire - Westeros
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Apologies to RadicalD who is also running an ASOIAF game on Skagos but the idea has appealed to me for quite a while and this is the same geography but a different style game without using the rules for playing as part of a House.

System: http://greenronin.com/sifrp/

Skagos is approximately the size of Iceland, forested, mountainous, and deadly. Surrounded by rumors of savagery even before the events in the book and not a place people visit except for a few of the towns and those are hundreds of miles away with the harshest wilderness this side of the Wall standing between you.

Characters - some room to fudge on the characters so if you want something and a prereq is a useless benefit like patron or heir when the game won't have much (any?) contact with civilization ask and maybe we can eliminate it. I just don't want a shipwreck with a half dozen heirs holding valyrian swords. Unfortunately the same thing occurs with some of the drawbacks like debt where they're not really a drawback at all.

Equipment - Ring or less armor + a weapon of your choice + whatever you buy with starting money. Your horses died on the ship, sorry.

Game Description:

"A voyage of over a year but we will be rich men when we return." says the captain as the ship departs Lys with a hold of exotic goods to run up the length of Westeros.

The ship was in White Harbor when the red comet appeared in the sky like a smear of blood, burning brightly even in the daylight hours. "A good omen!" says the captain, "There are a few ships heading north and I plan to join them, many can travel together in safety from pirates."

A week later, south of Skagos, the sky turned black and the wind picked up. The ships were tossed about in a storm that lasted all night and the following day. Several of the ships, blown by the same wind, ended up wrecked against the rocky shores of Skagos...

The storm abated in the evening, the darkened sky returning to the reddish glow. "A bad omen." the captain says, surveying the wreckage by the bright glow of the comet as survivors from the four ships gather.

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I should point out that I haven't made up my mind yet but I see the direction it would be headed as survivors staying in one area while a few people go for help and to try and hire a ship to come and get the rest. The people going for help would probably not be PC's because I find it a bit more interesting if there are NPC's to interact with and that wouldn't happen in a game where people are walking through the woods heading somewhere the whole time.

Also: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Skagos

We can do them here. I might open something up in the game thread at some point but I want to keep the discussion in one place.

Interested to see what you do with Skagos Ben. A survivor's tale. Sounds grim and fun. Will certainly put something together.

Massive Dual - Wielding Greatswords farmer, let's do this.

Scratch that, a hardened sellsword makes more sense.


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Originally Posted by Havelock View Post
So how much combat/intrigue/warfare can we expect?
Warfare pretty much zero. Intrigue mechanics would play a support role. Say for instance there is a problem with one of the other survivors you could probably use intrigue to help out the situation or draw on them and leave a trail of corpses. I'd certainly expect every character to be able to defend himself and know enough to keep warm at night.

Well, seeing as we already have on Merc shaping up, scratch my previous idea. How about ...

A Brother of the Night's Watch? Making his way back to the wall, a messenger to the king/kings (depending on the timeline) he unfortunately gets stranded. How true to his code does he stay?

I want to build around Animal Cohort (Shadowcat), maybe some quasi-warging, but green eye and whatever aren't appealing, more like a latent or weak connection. Expanding on that, some Vale bastard might be? From one of the houses still being of First men blood (like Royce).


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