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I really like RPG even if i haven't play so much (only a couple of sessions) and i'm really looking for it, someone told me i could join his game and asked me to register in this comunity, so... HERE I'M... :P we are goin to play 3.5, and i'm goin to be a CLERIC so i'm excited... :P don't know what else to say... so i better get back to my sheet... I have a lot of work to do...
PS: excuse my english... I'm from Caracas - Venezuela and it is a little rusty...

We used to have a staff member from Venezeula, in fact I think he's still on the staff but isn't around very often.

Anyway, welcome to the Weave.

Voxanadu adores them. He likes to cuddle up with them at night and give them names, like "Stam."
Welcome to the weave. I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun here.

thats a list of all the game advertisements. it tells you what system of game, and the description posted will tell you more about what will be going on in said game. I recommend asking plenty of questions as you apply to your first game. so long as they are pertinent the DM won't mind.

Nah. Trust me, the best way to learn is to just jump in. ask plenty of questions along the way. People will be glad to help as long as you keep it interesting.

Yeah, there is no such thing as a game for pros.

Just feel free to jump in and begin building a character. Don't tell anyone you're a novice and they wont know. ~.^

Hardly anyone reads the introduction threads.


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