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Hi there....Ok I'll just get down to business. I'm new to D&D all together, though not forum RPing, but in the past 2 weeks I got the itch to really try it out. Unfortunately I live in an area where the only game stores that host games are aboooouut 1 1/2 to 2 hours drive away, plus no friends with the time or interest in playing D&D. Therefore I had to turn to the old reliable internet to sate this need. So hopefully you'll be kind to me in my newbie-ness.

First, pineapples are delicious. That being the case, how can we not be kind to you in your newbie-ness?

So with all other bits of intel in place. Welcome to the weave.

P.S.:Beware, we've banana thieves roaming about the weave. I wouldn't be surprised if they switched to pineapples.

Banana thieving... tsk tsk... I condone it even less than murder. Welcome to the weave you'll find plenty of friendly DM's to help you on your way. Also, if you're getting into 3.5 I recommend using as a lovely reference site!

I hear alot about it too, alot is by the "hardcores" who don't like it for the simple fact that it's different than the preceding versions (Though I hear that from alot of Hardcores for different genres). I love listening to the D&D podcasts and watching the gameplay vids with Chris Perkins and in all of those they use 4e and it always seemed really fun. Ah well.

Welcome, Pineapple!

You should play whichever version of D&D floats your boat. I'm a 3.5 person myself, but if you're familiar with 4e and like the rules, there's no reason you shouldn't play it. I think there's more 3.5e at this site, but you'll find people who like all different kinds of fruit. I'm fond of mangoes, myself.

I think all versions of D&D have a use... I just feel like 4th eds best use is collecting cobwebs and is to be used only for a reference in game design. It had some great features, I just didn't like them.

I hope 5th ed is better.

I heard that 4e was a good place for new gamers to jump in. I feel like a lot of industries are looking to grab the new opening fan base. It seems like a lot of people are becoming open to the idea of gaming in the changing era, but don't have the skills my generation developed playing Master of Monsters when we were 4 and older generations developed with the classic DnD's
I'm rather fond of banana's uuuummm... I mean apples!


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