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Here to join some friends

Here to join some friends

Greetings fellow role-players,

A friend of mine mentioned this site to me and after some discussion, we decided it would be a good place to play a game we'd been contemplating. I have done some forum based role-playing before, though it has tended to be more free-form, so I will probably need to get used to using dice-rolling scripts, but it doesn't look too daunting. As far as role-playing systems go, I've played D&D through the editions from 2nd to 4th, though I seem to lean most on 3.5. I also like White Wolf's old World of Darkness systems, though I just haven't been able to get into the new ones as much. I've dabbled with a few other things, but the vast majority has been White Wolf or d20.

My other interests include Magic: the Gathering, Anime and Manga, various fantasy novels, and the occasional computer or video game or American TV series . . along with a recent invasion of maids with Tanto Cuore. I tend to be a fan of dark, serious plots . . but then find myself drawn in by anything particularly cute . . . so my tastes aren't always consistent. I tend to be more quiet with people I don't know too well, so I suspect my initial forum experience will include quite a bit of lurking. Nonetheless, I look forward to my time here.

May we weave a good story together,


Voxanadu, that sounded like a marriage proposal.
Nachazar, sounds like you've found your nicht here on the weave. This will be a good place for you I hope you enjoy the tools and whatnot available here, and be sure to get involved in the deep community.

Aha! A post!

Welcome, welcome, "Nachazar"!

May we weave a good story together indeed. ^_^

The Tanto Cuore card game looks pretty cool. I might have to try and get that. Welcome!

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