D&D NEXT Playtest!

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D&D NEXT Playtest!

The Caves of Chaos - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

So, the rules forbidding online play are no longer in existence, so I think we should do this! Pick your pre gen, write up 2 paragraphs on personality and appearance, and post it here! I might even run 2 games if I get enough interest!

Game Description:

The Oracle has approached you in town and charged you with the task of returning the eye of Gruumsh before the tribes in the caves of chaos do! But you must hurry, you only have 21 more days until the full moon...

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Currently going over pre-gens. Will pick one of the clerics soon and post personality and appearance.

Morana Ralheart, Female Cleric of Moradin.

Morana is a member of the Defenders of the New Forge, a dwarven knightly order recently crafted with the Smithy-Temples of the Great Artisan. She holds the ideals of the group close to her heart, namely that the time of dwarven resurgence is now and they must reforge the long lost bridges to the other races and reclaim the lost holds of the ancients. However, as a young dwarf she still grapples with the temptations of Tiamat that flow in every dwarfs veins, (greed, vengence and envy.)
She keeps her dark hair in heavy elaborate plat which is kept hidden a headscarf and the folds of her chainmail. Her newly forged shield is emblazoned with a black anvil on a crimson base. In comparison to the freshness of her armour, her hammer is an ancient weapon, passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

As soon as the link they emailed me lets me download the Playtest information I'll take a look but for now am curious to try out a Wizard (if they still exist <.<).

Oooh, I have the Playtest. I will get something up soon.

Edit: Character Incoming

Gulduron Lu'Adaran
High Elf Wizard

Gulduron is a tall and pencil thin individual. Years sitting at a desk memorizing arcane writ doesn't lead one to peak physical health. His Long Blonde hair is kept pulled back neatly into a loose ponytail. The skin of his face seems to be pulled back tight over his skull as his cheekbones are readily visible and his electric blue eyes seem to be sunken into his head. Most people wouldn't give him a second glance, and in fact most don't. As an elf he is unremarkable. The one thing that does set him apart is his chosen robes. Most Arcane disciples tend to wear a red or blue colored rob, while Gulduron chooses to wear black. While not strictly forbidden, most elves just think of it as uncouth.

Gulduron is a very serious individual. He doesn't have time to play, or pal around. He has studying to get done. But, there more studyin he does get done the more he realizes that the answers he wants, and the power that he seeks cannot be found in a dusty old book sitting in a library. He decided from a young age that he would have to venture out into the world and search for the power that he craves. Other people would describe him as dry and humorless. On the contrary, no one person has really gotten to know him. He thinks he could be rather personable given the chance. That would be another thing he would be search for, whether he wants to admit it to himself or now, companionship/friendship.

Sarabia Loaida
High Elf Wizard

Sarabia comes from a proud elven family, and they are saddened by the rise of the other races. Sure, there's a place for them, but it is clearly below the elves (according to them). This has been the family's core value for hundreds of years... so imagine their dismay when Sarabia decided to (a) not only leave the confines of the Viera Acadamy, the High Elven Wizardry School, but to do so to (b) join an adventuring party that was (c) comprised of people other than High Elves. Well, poor Grandma Sravina almost died. But that was exactly Sarabia's point - that attitude was old-fashioned and irrelevent, and she'd show her family that all other races had some validity. Maybe even dwarves.

Sarabia has thrown off all the conventions of High Elven tradition in her quest to prove equality. Gone are the flowing robes and cloaks - she now dresses in a ultiltarian brown shirt and pants. Her knobby quarterstaff doubles as her magical focus, a far cry from the slender wands of her parents. Her blonde hair is a little longer and cover her ears. She tends to be a little kinder to the minor mistakes and foibles of non-High Elves, again in reaction to the complete intolerance in which she was raised.

And, yes, I can certify that I am registered for the playtest.

Hey, I'm not picky; I could take the fighter, too.

Throwing my application into the hat .

Name: Jeskas Silverhelm
Rach: Hill Dwarf
Class: Fighter


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