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Oooh, I like this game. I can't believe I hadn't read it during Game Chef. Just read through the short version; I really like this game. It's like a more freeformed, Shakespearean Fiasco, with a less-messy setup.

Thanks! I'll keep posting the content previews here as we write them. The game is a freaking blast, and constantly gets compared to Fiasco, which I take as a high compliment.

EDIT: BTW, I'm tracking clicks, and Myth Weavers is in a dead heat with Story Games for most clicks today. We're lagging behind slightly. Let's change that!

EDIT: EDIT: Just tied up Story Games!

as a absolute fan of Shakespeare's plays, i think this RPG would be so cool.

Thanks! I encourage anyone interested to subscribe to this thread, as I will be updating frequently in the next few weeks.

Anyone in the Boston, MA area should come to JiffyCon June 16th, where you can get your hands on books before anyone else and play with the designers.

FYI: The website was down for about 24 hours, but now it's back up!

I'm posting an interview with Hyperbole Games about Forsooth! tomorrow.

That ...

looks AWESOME!

Not gonna lie... it's pretty flippin' sweet! Got a couple more previews lined up for next week, including an example play from Shakespeare's obscure fifth folio: Hamlet, King of Denmark, in which we answer the question, "What if Hamlet just went nuts and decided to kill everyone?"

Mark how well the sequel hangs together: Eleven hours I have spent to write it over.” – Richard III, Act III, Scene 6

Let’s say you’ve just won Game Chef. You’re high on life, drunk on champagne, and generally more pleased with yourself than you’ve got any right to be. Where do you go from there? …

New preview is up!

R&D -- In which we learn how the designers took a 7-page Game Chef winner and turned into 88 pages of awesome.


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