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A Savage Hello

A Savage Hello

Hi all -
Myth Weavers was mentioned over at the forums so I thought I'd come by and see what's up. The die-roller looks nice; can't wait to give it a spin.

Hello, Urist! That may have been my mention that you saw. Welcome to the Weave, and I hope you enjoy yourself. There's not as much Savage Worlds as I'd like, though I'm in two games and refereeing another. Perhaps a bit of noise will convince someone else to start one....

Welcome to the weave There are a lot of handy tools here. I definitely recommend exploring the site.

@Oryzarious - /wave. Yup I saw you talkin' about it. Last time I was here I didn't see the SavW system called out specifically so didn't realize it was an option.

@DaReaper95 - Hi, thx. Yes I've been perusing the wiki as well as poking around here and there. I really like how Sheets are handled here!

I'm not stalking you. you're stalking me.
And I'm only gonna kill off the cool ones, ya know, the ones you want to use for torment in your campaigns.


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