In the world of Daeron characters might start knowing an additional language but only if their background story justifies it. The languages granted by the normal character creation system are disallowed.

Languages are designated as follows:

The first is the quality of the language in speech. That ranges from 1-4
1. Important phrases only
2. Can speak the language normally (Most people never go beyond this)
3. Fluent (Like an upper class person or scholar)

+1 - It takes 1 extra point in a language at any level to hide an accent. This can also be accomplished with a Bluff vs Perception roll.

Languages are learned either over time as the GM allows or as follows:

> 16 intelligence at level 5 OR at level 10 regardless +1 language
> 22 intelligence at level 10 +1 language

> 16 charisma at level 5 +1 language
> 22 charisma at level 10 OR at level 20 regardless +1 language

Linguist feat - raise an existing language you know +1 fluency
AND learn a new language at fluency 1
(It may be taken multiple times)

Explain it:
A person with a 16 int gets their level 10 extra language early. They do not get another one at 10th.
A person with a 22 cha gets their level 20 language early. They do not get another one at 20th.