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Bastard Sword and Fighters

There's a pretty huge difference between "unoptimized" and "completely worthless." Unfortunately, most melee builds with 10 strength generally fall under the latter.

...And the ones that don't generally need a scootch more dexterity than 13. But crisis averted, stats could be moved around. Decent melee power is within reach.

Yep! Everything is working out...kinda xD

I made the sheet for the guy public if you want to continue critiquing though. I welcome any and all (constructive) criticism!

Just as a quick head's up though, I'm tempted to make him a Str, Dex, Int oriented character utilizing a high AC to deal with attacks rather than a high Constitution. Thoughts on that idea?

You do need a bit of both to be perfectly honest.

True that no doubt Solaris, though it is a good idea to have a bit of both, to avoid getting killed in one round cause of a bad roll.

Since Duskblades can wear heavier armor and don't get a penalty to their spellcasting for it, you'll probably only get use out of a few points of your dex mod. A reach weapon would help in keeping enemies from getting into range to hit you, but even if you were to use one, you really can't afford to neglect your Con.

True that, I forgot about that (I am not too familiar with duskblades as it is, so just giving some general advice here)

I'd run Str, Con, and Int as my primary abilities. If I was going to run a Duskblade and in your situation.

Yeah I agree with Vox due to duskblades having heavy armor.


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