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Howdy all. I'm new to PbP, having tried it a few times over the last few years without much success. I'm interested in being both a player and a GM. I was first introduced to RPGs back in '79 with OD&D and Gangbusters (the parental unit didn't have as much of a problem with the latter as they did the former). I split my time between arcades, rpgs and wargames through the early 90s when Magic the Gathering reared its head. After a couple of years of Magic, family, college and work limited my recreational time. I poked my head out in '01 and snagged D&D3.0 and D20Modern but never got around to playing. In '07 I jumped back into gaming when I found Battletech alive (sort of). Last year I took the plunge and started a gaming group playing 4E and some 2E.

I'm have acquired a number of systems over the past couple of years and could probably handle my own in most of them. I'm trying to shy away from high fantasy and space opera, prefering somewhat gritty and more realism.

My wishlist - to play and/or to GM:

Warhammer Fantasy
D20 Modern/Future et. al./Spycraft
D20 Dark*Matter
3:16 Carnage
Mazes & Minotaures

Feel free to swing by my blog, I don't post that much, but it's mine: Lances to Lasers @ Blogspot

welcome to the weave good sir. Good introduction. From what I can tell mostly what we have here is the DnD 3.5 and Pathfinder, but I'm sure there is a game open to cater to your particular needs Swing by the games and ads forum when you get a chance.

all these greetings kind of make me feel like we are a two headed giant. Can we photoshop a picture of a two-headed giant to look like us?

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