D&D Next Playtesting

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D&D Next Playtesting

D&D Next Playtesting - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Heyheyhey. Here I am, accepting five -- That's right, FIVE -- players to help me take part in the D&D Next Playtest!

For those of you unaware, you currently only have five options for characters to play (though you can detail them if you'd like). They are:

Cleric of Moradin (Dwarf)
Cleric of Pelor (Human)
Fighter (Dwarf)
Rogue (Halfling)
Wizard (Elf)

Claim your pick of the five choices here in this thread!

This is first come first serve, BUT there is a very important stipulation. You MUST sign up for the D&D Next playtest with Wizards of the Coast. If you need help with that, ask me. If you're already a member, AWESOME!

While this may or may not be a ROLEplay based on a majority vote from the five players, having a mastery of the English language will help you, me, and the other players. If you forget to capitalize letters, use punctuation, or follow the basic rules of grammar, you need not apply.

Also, if you'd like to play, it would be awesome if you could send me a super-quick history about your past with D&D. If you don't have any, send me something involving any other RPGs you've played, or even video games. I'd like to know what my players are like so that I can provide the best feedback I can to Wizards of the Coast.

As for anyone interested in being a reader, steel your steeds, will ya? Due to some possible legal issues, I'm waiting on an email from WotC representatives on whether or not I will be allowed to allow readers into the forum. As is, I'm leaving it private.

So who's interested in helping to shape the future of D&D?!

Game Description:

Just a playtest for D&D Next, clearly.

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I would be very interested in try this. I have had a few good games with 4E and would love to play test 5E.

I would like to be the cleric of Pelor, I have always wanted to play as a cleric just haven't had the chance yet.

I signed up on wotc and am just waiting for the email.

Thank you for the interest, Anvil! Before I accept you to the game, would you mind PMing me a small blurb about your past experiences with D&D?

FIGHTER! I'm totally going to play this!

Thank you for the interest, Zelkon! Before I accept you to the game, would you mind PMing me a small blurb about your past experiences with D&D just like I asked Anvil to do?

I would be interested in this. I will look into how to sign up for the play test with WoTC. If I could claim dibs on the elf wizard that would be sweet. I don't typically play wizards or Elfs let alone an elf wizard. I'm usually a gnome sorcerer kind of guy.

I started off with D&D 3.5 back in 2004 and have played that fairly regular until 4E came out. I got the books for 4E core books but wasn't able to get into it/ couldn't find a live group that was interested in playing it. I then took some time off and played some 40k and then went back to 3.5 for awhile. Recently, I've been playing alot of pathfinder but still love the massive character options 3.5 has available.

Ok, just waiting for the 30-60 min. time frame they gave with instruction on how to get the material.

I sent my history in a PM. I love the smell of new games in the morning.

Hey bduds 40k rules.

Well I kind of lied, it was really Rogue Trader. First character was a tech priest and he immediately got shot point blank in the face during the first attack in the first encounter. Fun times...

I'm sending an email now. I've heard a lot about the rules and characters, but haven't signed up yet, but I'd prefer to play a non-magic character. Pming you now.

Hey guys, I'm sorry to tell you that one of these was already shut down. It's against the terms of use of the playtest. It's unfortunately very very much against the rules.


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