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So I've been here on the Weave for a while now, and I figured it was about time that I post some of my homebrew material for the rest of you to enjoy. Feel free to use my ideas in your games, and remember that feedback is appreciated.

Obligatory Disclaimer
I claim no responsibility of anything that may happen as a result of using the following ideas - except maybe any good outcomes. Also, please ask me if you wish to publish any of this in anything - thanks.

For the d20 Modern system:


You can use longarms at close range without penalty.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1, Personal Firearms Proficiency
Benefit: You may attack an adjacent target with a longarm and not suffer any penalty
Normal: You take a -4 penalty when attacking an adjacent target with a longarm.

You are welcomed as a friend in a certain area.
Prerequisite: Reputation 3+, Home Turf, the average denizen of your Home Turf area must not have an Unfriendly or worse attitude toward you, must live in the area for at least 6 months and have done something worthy of the status (rescue a child from a burning building, talk down a gang leader, organize relief efforts during a natural disaster, etc), GM permission
Benefit: Upon taking this feat, the attitude of the area’s denizens improves by one step. Hostile enemies become just Unfriendly (possibly with a begrudging respect for you as a "folk hero"); Unfriendly ill-wishers become Neutral; Neutral average residents become Friendly, and Friendly ones become actively Helpful.
Notes: This feat only works on those NPCs that are usual residents of the area, not those who just visit, commute, or work there. Also, at GM's discretion, any actions that make you look unfavorable in the eyes of the people lose you the benefit of this feat.

People know to fear you when they know you have a firearm, and you’re not afraid to use it.
Benefit: You gain a +4 circumstance bonus to all Intimidate skill checks against sentient creatures who are aware that you possess a firearm on your person. This bonus increases to +5 if you fire a warning shot (no attack roll needed), and increases to +6 for if the first attack you make with that firearm in the first round of combat hits.

Your projectile attacks can pierce through one target and into the next.
Prerequisite: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Weapon Focus, Point Blank Shot, Base attack bonus +8
Benefit: If you hit an opponent within 30 feet with a ballistic ranged attack and deal enough damage to drop the target, your projectile rips through your target and potentially strikes a second foe. You may immediately make another attack at the same base attack bonus against an enemy within 30 feet of you and who is in a direct line with you and your original target.

You are well known for having the latest “cool thing”.
Benefit: After you initially take this feat, if you make a purchase with a Purchase DC of 15 or higher, your reputation goes up by one point, if you make an effort to show off your new purchase (driving your Ferrari around town, toting a brand new gun, etc). The next time that you buy something with a Purchase DC of at least one point higher than the last thing bought for the effects of this feat (if the last thing had a Purchase DC of 15, the new thing must have a DC of 16 or higher, the next higher than that, and so on) you gain another +1 bonus to your reputation. You may choose to exempt items from the effect of this feat upon purchase. Note that this may attract the wrong kind of attention from some people.

You are a true tamer of the West.
Prerequisite: Personal Firearms Proficiency
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to the following: Ride, Intimidate, Gamble, attack rolls made with Revolvers, and Dexterity checks to use rope.

More homebrew material to come... ~digging it out of my vast RPG archives~

See, for Folk Hero, I would do things slightly differently. Folks who were positively inclined to you before would have their attitude bumped up one step. Folks that were negatively inclined would be one step more aggressive. Neutral could go either way with the flip of a coin.

When you're a folk hero, there are no end of people who resent your popularity, or want to try themselves against you to gain some fame for themselves.

I see your point, but at the same time, you have many cases of where people who would otherwise be openly hostile would hesitate to take over action against the folk hero because that person has the support of the general populace. There have been many cases, for example, where an "outlaw hero" escaped hostile action from rival criminals or even authority figures because of how much the common folk liked them. Some of the most successful criminal syndicates build their entire reputations on this - they do enough good deeds for PR reasons that the average Joe is reluctant to rat them out.

As outlined in the Gaming Discussion Guide, homebrew material is better added to the MW Wiki, with links to and from a discussion thread.

The Wiki is better suited to not only display the material, but also track any revisions or modifications.
Moreover, material in the Wiki is easier to find again, as it won't be disappear due to new threads being posted.

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