The Other Side of the Coin (Evil sandbox game)

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The Other Side of the Coin (Evil sandbox game)

The Other Side of the Coin - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

I'm looking for villains in this game. But I don't want the blood thirsty, I eat babies tyrants with no reason to be evil. No I'm looking for the flawed, the abused, the neglected, the monsters that society has created itself by rejecting an innocent person, and those who may have once been on a holy quest, but have been seduced by evil or disillusioned. Despite this even good can sometimes rise to be the villain.

How one goes about it depends on the person. Though be warned that the worse or public the action the more powerful agencies both good and evil will oppose you. But you will be left to your own devices on how to gather resources and allies for your plans. And the only 'party' in the game is the people you're working with. That's right all of you are on your own unless you choose to work with each other at times. But each of you will have separate goals to accomplish. I'd like to avoid PvP if I can.

Character creation rules:

Post character in their own threads please




Physical Description:


History: I need at least three to four paragraphs here. It should include why you're evil, but it doesn't have to.

Goals: At least a paragraph, but this is very important.

Reason(s) for being evil: At least a paragraph, but this is very important to.

What do you need to know? Level 10 starting level, wealth by level, 32 point buy.

Sources allowed: All except setting specific books. Though I'm more worried about the character now. And by the way I'm allowing a lot of things, but we have a gentleman's agreement. You don't do anything completely broken and no ancient wyrm dragons are going to show up with a bottle of ketchup.

Game Description:

Everyone knows the story of the brave heroes fighting desperately against evil villains. From the highest arch devil or demon prince to the lowliest of deranged serial killers. Yet the stories are always told by the victors and the survivors. Was the evil person really irredeemable? Or their mindsets unjustified? The stories of those who committed the crimes should be told. Perhaps behind the bloodlust is a story of vengeance against a wrong. Or perhaps a force of good fallen from such a lofty perch.

What happens when there are no wonders to be seen?
What happens when the poet cannot dream?

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Hmm, I would play, but I'm not up on the whole "party of EVIIIILLL" sort of thing. I might try it though.

Posting interest. I posted a concept in the OOC area for you to OK before I submit it as an application.

I have a fair bit of interest in the game as already mentioned in the planning thread, though I would like to see the crunchy stuff before making my application.

EDIT: I am vaguely picky with the crunchy stuff xD.

It will 32 point buy, wealth by level, all non-setting specific books allowed roll for HP of course, but other rules may be implemented as needed.

Originally Posted by Divinedragonslayer View Post
It will 32 point buy, wealth by level, all non-setting specific books allowed roll for HP of course, but other rules may be implemented as needed.
Just to check common bans: are Psionics, Tome of Battle, Tome of Magic, Books of Vile Darkness and Exalted Deeds, and Incarnum allowed?

Psionics are allowed, Tome of Magic is encouraged and I'll be allowing the shadow caster fix and if anyone's interested the truenamer fix if I can find it again. Exalted Deeds no as you're not good enough and Incarnium if you can put together a convincing application.

Acolyte of the Skin allowed? I just really love the concept


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