Bounty Call from the City of Bryer

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Bounty Call from the City of Bryer

Tower of Trials - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Temple Of Trials

ADDENUM- Stats are 32-point buy
Tome of Battle is allowed

Game Description:

I have had players drop out for various reasons. I am looking for 2-3 more players.

The Bryer temple of St. Cuthbert has put forth a bounty of 300 gold pieces to up to 6 adventurers to cleanse the old monastary in the nearby village of Hesta.
A fire elemental that formerly heated the country temple has broken free of its magic bindings and threatens surrounding the village below, and potentially others. More, is that a tribe of gnolls has taken up residence within the monastary. The Bryer Council of Mages has put a bounty on the gnolls as well, an additional 400 gp to make the gnolls leave. They are weary that the temple could become a staging point for gnoll raids in the countryside.
700 gp is the total reward for 6 adventurers, should you choose to accept the offers.

Character Name:
Alignment: Any True Neutral up to Lawful Good.
Biography: I'm not picky about length. As long I get an articulate and concise description of who your guy/gal is, I'm happy.
Note: In the Applications thread, please have a link to a character sheet or just have a statblock for the crunchy stuff.

I'm allowing the non-setting-specific books.
Starting level will be 1
Optimize your character, but nothing cheese-a-licious please!
I will allow the Renaissance firearms from the DMG for any class that can use the crossbow.

Final Words
I'm hoping to pull together a long-term party for future adventures as I flesh out the setting. I'm pretty active on the Weave.

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Would the reserve feats from Complete Mage be acceptable? How about the D&D3.5 Wiki Traits and Flaws, specifically Big and Pyromania?

More importantly, are we allowing Traits and Flaws? Also, are we allowing LA+x classes? If we are, then do they have access to buy-off rules for later?

I will say yes to any Complete books, again, as long as they are the "vanilla" setting ones. Traits and Flaws are an affirmative as well, just be sure to roleplay them.

I was thinking the Feats Fiery Burst and Summon Elemental to play on the pyromania flaw. Does that sound reasonable to you? I also definintely plan on roleplaying the trait and flaw. Thanks!

Last question, for now. How do you want stats determined?

Sounds good! I'll start working on my app immediately!

got an idea, may post my application this weekend.


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