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I could use a little help

I could use a little help

So I was going to follow a build for optimizing a daggerspell mage, which unfortunately turned out to be broken after the first 4 or 5 levels. I'd already played the first session of our campaign, and don't want to ask to bring in a different character or anything like that. So I was wondering if anyone can help me optimize a character that's got 2 Rogue/1 Wizard level, feats are 2 Wep. Fighting, Wep. Finesse, and Practiced Spellcaster; stats are 13 STR, 17 DEX, 16 CON, 18 INT, 11 WIS, and 10 CHA. I'm thinking it might work best as a glass cannon of sorts, but melee focused, with spells to grant sneak attack opportunities. Any thoughts?

(Also, hope this is in the right area, if not, I apologize)

You're good.

Was was your main concept behind the original build? Maybe we can help you build something that meets what you wanted to do, without breaking the game.

There's always the "arcane trickster"... it's not a very good class, but it advances sneak and arcane casting and gives a few little tricks to boot.

Check out some of the features of the Beguiler Class from PHB II. It has some focus on melee and also spell casting.

Well, I can't post links quite yet, but it's broken because it uses practiced spellcaster (I think it's that feat) to attain the requirements for prestiging as a daggerspell mage, something I found out is misinterpreted with the wording of the requirements for the class and the description of the feat.

As for enemies, just bandits, a few goblins, and a couple ogres thus far.

Arcane trickster seems pretty weak compared to going full daggerspell mage, and picking up Beguiler seems a bit iffy, though it might work out.

I guess what I'm going to try to go for now is maximizing my melee capabilities through sneak attacks, and utilizing magic to boost the rate I'm able to use sneak attacks (such as using spells like phantom foe.) The question is, since my character is just under halfway done meeting the requirements of a daggerspell mage, should I just go full bore into the DS mage, or is there a better route for my character? If not, then just some guidance on feats and spells to optimize me would be greatly helpful.

If you really want to see the build, try searching 3.5 Daggerspell Master, should be on the dand wiki.

Ugh... never ever ever use that website for anything. Please.

If you want to go into Daggerspell Mage, you still need to pick up Weapon Focus (Dagger), and you need 4 more levels in Wizard. Which means you won't be able to take your first level until level 7.

Unfortunately, even when you hit Daggerspell Mage level 10, you're going to only have +10/+5 BAB... at level 17. You'll have to rely heavily on Greater Invisibility and Wraith Strike to make sure you can hit, and then you'll still only have a few attacks at most (BAB + Haste + offhand puts you at 4 attacks at level 17, with a grand total of +4d6 sneak attack). You can get to a point where you're basically pumping out a touch spell when you attack every round, but I'm not sure it really makes up for the lack of attacks and sneak attack dice.

Course, it really depends on the other characters in your group. Optimization level determines the effectiveness of a character.

Though personally, if I were going daggerspell mage, I probably would have gone Spellthief 1/Wizard 5, with the Master Spellthief feat. You'd still have the same BAB and SA issues, but you'd have the spell steal ability for more utility.

What about replacing wizard with Duskblade from PHBII? Seems to me that if you want to go melee it would be a lot better option.

Originally Posted by Ruben View Post
What about replacing wizard with Duskblade from PHBII? Seems to me that if you want to go melee it would be a lot better option.
That would also be a viable alternative, especially since they already get that Arcane Channeling ability. Spellthief 1/Duskblade 5 would grant 2 more BAB than Wizard 5.

Problem is, the OP is already rogue 2/wiz 1, so making a class change isn't really an option.


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