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Gaming drought?

Gaming drought?

Have you ever lived somewhere with absolutely no gamers? I know I do, and I'm glad to have the Weave to actually use my D&D rulebooks.
I was wondering if anyone else is in or has been in ths type of situation, and what did you do to get your RPG fix.

Try this site, I am in the UK but this site I do believe to cover Europe and the USA, I know there are groups near my home that meet at each others houses, I joined one such group and made new friends, try it, it might just work for you.

I'll check it out. I recall seeing it on another site.

I live in an area where there are plenty of shops to play at and I am sure there are numerous home games, but my schedule does not let me get attached to anyone group for more than a session or two. So this site is a happy little place for me to roll some ones.

I certainly do (Don't even have a game shop within an hours drive from me.. except Gamestop, which is console and PC games only), but I make do with PbP, I don't really have time for in-person sessions anyway.

My job has pretty much made committing to a long term tabletop game impractical. I travel for work often, sometimes on short notice, and I don't always work the same shift or have the same days off (if I even have a day off), so pbp has become my only gaming outlet.

The worst part is that I could probably rejoin my old group when I'm in town, but they have a player in the group now that I don't really enjoy gaming with, so I figure that with gaming time at a premium, why be aggravated when I play? I'd rather sit it out.

I live in the absolute middle of nowhere. For my gaming needs, I use Myth-Weavers. I'm not adverse to this though, as I was discussing the very issue with a friend from my old D&D group yesterday. When I DID live near a group, we only ever played our one campaign. This was, admittedly, an awesome group and an excellent campaign, we all loved it. But right now I find myself involved in games spanning the genre of RPGs. There are games on here that are in almost every historic and fantastic period, using more rules sets than I ever knew existed. There's experimentation on here.

@Powderhorn: I know what you mean. I like this, but I would like to have an actual group. Unfortunately, my friends who might roleplay are really into computer games and the like, and give me a dirty look when I say tabletop RPG.


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