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Gaming drought?

While it's not totally out of the question for a table top in my community, I belong to one group that is consistent but I tire of the Savage World Games in which our GM runs. I would be more inclined to partake in Warhammer or Dark Heresy. Of which he used to run but is on the Savage World kick. I wouldnt even mind if I got back into 4e. Suffice it to say, Play by post has all my needs and for years has been the implement of my RPG fix.

I had to move from a (relatively) cosmopolitan area to a town in the boonies with 7k people. No gamers in sight at all.

Where are you located, Rohlo?

I'm in Houston, Texas, and frequently shocked by the relative sparseness of gamers, at least in the area of town where I live. (Sure, there are more folks way the heck out west, but Houston is monstrously large and that's an awful long drive.)

Then, of course, there's the issue of wanting to make sure that the other gamers that you find are *also* people you're willing to spend time with....

Eastern shore of MD. There are no gamers here.

I grew up in a town of less than 400 people total. I knew every roleplayer in town. All four of them. Counting me.

Originally Posted by Phuse View Post
I live in an area where there are plenty of shops to play at and I am sure there are numerous home games, but my schedule does not let me get attached to anyone group for more than a session or two. So this site is a happy little place for me to roll some ones.
Personally, I prefer rolling digital 20s.


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