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Camp Kaboom

Camp Kaboom - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 2e
Ad Closes: Jun 30 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

To all recruits,

You are hereby invited to the Superhero Training Program, hereby called Camp Kaboom. The purpose of this camp is to help you develop your powers as you have previously been tested, and train you to work as a team and in dire combat situations. You have been chosen for your potential and you are the chosen. If you wish to partake of the opportunity, then you will appear at the disclosed location by the date provided. If you do not wish to participate, that is your choice.

Good wishes to all,
Sergeant Helix of the Superhero Initiative


Ignore the power level below, I've decided to increase the starting Power Level to 3, meaning you get 45 Power Points to start instead of 15.

Game Description:

The US Government is doing a secret super hero program to catch the talented while they are young and recruit them to the cause for a potential upcoming war with outside forces, the first step of this initiative is called Camp Kaboom.*

This is a completely voluntary action with all of the red tape that most camps involve, including waivers for injury, dismemberment or death of those involved.*

The camp is located in the middle of the desert in Nevada, insuring there are no outside influences and civilization is a good distance away.

Chosen Spots:
POW - Drunva
WOOSH - Longthyme
BLAM - Kylar42
BAP - Spearhead
ZAP - Ogreman
ZING - Dragon

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Interesting. I like the idea of starting at PL 1. I assume we would be gaining points pretty quickly, though? Or is this more of a short-term game?

Yes, I was planning on doing a rather quick point gain through the game.

Part of the function of this game is how characters are built differently from PL 1 up as compared to just being handed something that is PL 10.

Doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in a very low power game, strange.. You'd think the story of how one develops their powers over time would get some interest as compared to being just super already.

I'm interested, I'm just not sure how deeply yet.

But the idea of discovering powers from scratch is an entertaining one.

I would suggest, however, that you start at 'baseline human' which is about PL3, but limit the amount of PP able to be spent on powers. Just my ten cents.

I'm very interested, its just that I'm in quite a few games already, still one of them appears to have died before it started so I'll be posting something for the "Pow" spot. Also with some of those positions such as powerhouse and even what I have in mind for "Pow" the level of said power with only 15 pp total would be almost inperseptable as superhuman, maybe really good for someone in that age range but not necessarily impossible, unless they want to tank the rest of your abilities/skills/ etc.

Baseline human for me is 0pp, eg level 0. All super stats here start at 10 and that is for an average adult human. That is really high for low to mid teens. And I'm aware that their powers won't be high at the start, that's the point. They're just discovering what they can do.

I'd love to play a speedster. Would you like us to submit characters in this thread, or is there a separate applications thread?

A psion might be more Zap than Zing, unless you plan on using weapons with your abilities. Thinking more Green Arrow, Punisher, or Bullseye for Zing. Zap is more Cyclops, though Green Lantern could be either, that's kind of Psion like.


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