American Gods Scion campaign

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American Gods Scion campaign

Scions of America - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 7

Characters are to be created using standard starting rules. Legend cannot be raised beyond 3 at creation. House rules are pretty straightforward - perception acts as strength for firearms, Untouchable Opponent provides bonus dice instead of successes. Fan-created pantheons, boons, and knacks are allowed with GM approval. No WWII or fictional pantheons. Also, no Scions of Baldur, as he may currently only be at Hero level.

As well as your character sheet, please submit at least two paragraphs on your character's history, including Visitation; at least one paragraph on personality and goals, with some explanation as to how it relates to their Calling and Nature; and at least one paragraph on their appearance (a picture can be included if you want, but you still need to write something).

Finally, if there's anyone else who'd like to help out, especially with the mechanical stuff, I'd definitely appreciate a co-GM!

Game Description:

All applications must be completed by Saturday, June 30.

"Scions of America" is a Scion game set in the world of Neil Gaiman's American Gods.

Most of the older Gods have never taken much notice of their offspring, leaving them to their own devices. But for the New Gods, they’re the perfect allies – they have the potential for godhood in their ichor, yet they're thoroughly entrenched in modern life. More and more of the Old Gods have started to Visit their Scions, hoping to recruit them to their side before the New Gods get there. Besides, some more soldiers on their side would never hurt.

That’s where you come in. You’ve just been told that one of your parents isn't just; he or she is a god, someone that you read about in sixth-grade history. Now you have to find your place in a world where you’re more than human but less than divine. And you have to prepare for battle, because there’s a storm coming, and like it or not, you’re about to be caught in the middle of it.

What will you do?

I'd like to join in this game. I've not read the book itself, so I may need some help with Character creation. It is on my list of books to read, but I read very slowly.

Can you explain what you mean by "Untouchable Opponent provides bonus dice instead of successes"? Would that be to the Athletics ability resulting in a higher DV, just not as high a one?

Also, could you explain what you see the PCs doing mostly? Is it more sandbox, will there be a distinct plot to follow?

Pipewrench - you're perfectly welcome to join. Mechanically, creation is the same as usual. You can PM me with your concept, and I'll help you figure out a backstory. The only problem is, I'm afraid the game will spoil a lot of the book for you. It's fine if you're okay with that, I just wanted you to know, since you said it was on your to-read list.

Mischief Warrior - the game is set during the events of the books, after the whole meeting with all the gods and the close call afterwards. The plot will run parallel to the plot of the book until the battle at the end. (Sorry for the vagaries, trying to avoid spoilers.) And you're right on the Untouchable Opponents thing. Sorry I explained it badly.

Hmmmm, an interesting possibility given I honestly have never read this book so no spoilers here! Interested in seeing how things turn out. Ummmm, question though. Companion pantheons allowed as well?

cmky - Thanks for letting me know!

mtimefuntime - You're free to use the pantheons from any of the books, aside from the ones mentioned in the opening post. Basically, as long as they've been legitimately worshiped at some point, they're fair game, but if it's not an official one, please give me a link to a fan-made write-up.

Oh no, strictly official. Anything I'd be interested in fidgeting with is there in. Will try and get a character sheet up this morning/tomorrow afternoon depending on how my schedule plays out.

The only major addition would be the African pantheon, which plays a surprisingly big role in that series. (Assuming you count Anansi's Boys)


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