Will You Survive the Fimbulvinter?

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Will You Survive the Fimbulvinter?

The Divine Gamble - Forum
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Hey guys. With the recent influx of Scion games I decided to take the reins myself and create one too. I plan on giving mine a different flavor and offer up a shot for any characters interested. I will allow use of all W.W. published materials, and if you wish to use homebrew stuff just shoot me a link with the details, unless it's OMG status in regards to game-balance-breaking I will probably say I'm game for it.

At the end of the ad process, the characters will start with a brief solo story session involving your visitations and your first encounter with Titan Spawn (yes you will be given experience points for these). I am looking for players who at the least can post once every other day. I'm looking for regular posting. I understand things come and am not a real d.b. when it comes to that. As a disclaimer I post either early in the morning (around 6 a.m. CST) or sporadically through the day/early evening.

Disclaimer II: I understand that I'm talking Fimbulvinter....which to most I know sets off the Aesir trigger. While I love some Aesir Scions (don't get me wrong on that point), I am not going to say ONLY AESIR. I am allowing all Scions because the end of existence is a serious thing that effects everyone, not just the Aesir. Yes, I am planning on this game going all the way into Godhood, and yes, if the players are so inclined maybe even starting the story a-new with Scions of their previous characters (I had that experience IRL, it was something else entirely).

Anyways, if you're game for it, that's why I came for it. Any questions you can post here on in the game forum.


Game Description:

The world stands witness as it comes time for a group of brave Scions to make their final stand against the evils of the Titanspawn once and for all. A select group of young Gods have taken it upon themselves to personally seek out and train young Scions. Armed with the knowledge of what the pantheons are openly planning, these young gods seek the children of the old gods, training them to be more effective Heroes, trying to cheat the system that has claimed the lives of so many Scions before they could even reach demigod.

You are one such Scion. A child of a mortal and divine parent. From the age of puberty you were both blessed and cursed with supernatural gifts which have put a beacon upon you as a target for a war you (and most of the world) knows nothing about. Now all of a sudden, you are thrust into a battle for not just your own survival, but the survival of humanity as a whole.

Another life in the day of a modern Heathen. And life is good!
Interesting... Even though I'm in several Scion games in this forum... I think I can balance it.

Hmmm. No character concept at the moment, but give me a few hours.

Mark me interested, and for the lulz, since Sleeps' going with Stef, Claudia shall of course be up.

@AngeloftheOdd: Yes, standard character creation.
@Pipewrench: Sounds good to me boss. Do what you have fun doing and I'll make sure you keep on having fun doing it.
@WarriorKalia: Take your time. I'm in no rush to get things started. I want to give my players the best experience I can for the story I've seen ran 100 different times in just as many ways. Have fun with it and you can't go too far wrong.
@Sleepinin: Sounds fun, I do like the concept of Stefan, especially the ideas you had for him when he got higher on his course to divinity.
@Illusionist: I do have a fondness for Claudia, one of the best Hel Scions I've encountered as a GM. And as an aside I'm so glad I decided to leave the pantheon that resulted from my own IRL Ragnarok campaign out of this...would've made Scions of Hel rather awkward indeed. Meh, story for a different time.

So right now I have tentative two Aesir Scions, for those keeping score. 1) Scion of Uller 2) Scion of Hel.

Atzlanti, lord have mercy. Played a game once with a damn infinite legend pool. Dodekatheon, the skill hounds. Either way, it'll be gravy. Occurs to me that I didn't publish the forum link for character applications for y'all.Here y'all go.


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