Help Defend Corellian Assets Today!

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Help Defend Corellian Assets Today!

Bloodlines and Bloodshed - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Legacy Era
Ad Closes: Jun 30 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

GM NoteHello Star Wars Saga fans! I hope to have this game span at least 3-5 generations of in-game character life-spans. I wouldn't mind taking 5 players for this game but larger groups do get somewhat laborious in maintaining... but we will see what happens if there's just too many good apps to pass up. The game is going to be a split between combat and skill challenges, with plenty of good story telling by myself (I hope I can meet the preferences of everyone ) and all those invited to join in this long-term story.
One thing to note is that this is a game that will be using the Legacy destiny so plenty of background information should be some of the focus when creating your characters. Anyhow, lets get the apps in and see how this one goes
Game Advert Notes
  • All pertinent information is in the game description. Please follow the rules for the applications in the application thread . This add will be open until June 30, and the opening cast will be announced no later than July 2.
  • I would like at least one character for each class, and will consider taking 5 players if the applications are just too good to pass up (though from what I have seen here on the boards in regards to character creation, things are gonna be a tough call no matter what).
  • Please post general questions here, and use the forum discussion thread for application questions and discussions.

Game Description:

Bloodlines and Bloodshed

The year is 40 ABY. Tensions are rising in the Corellian Sector. The Galactic Alliance has overstepped the political power that it wields and the governments of the Five Worlds are taking a stand. Your home world of Corellia is strengthening its forces with all manner of local individuals who are willing to fight and defend their world.

Corellia's shipyards have been subject to sabotage by those who are loyal to the GA. It is also rumored that the GA Guard has been secretly supporting the the saboteurs. Locally, each shipyard has started their own militias that all work together in protecting Corellias assets. The Navy has even resorted to recruiting from these militias. You have decided that helping your home world benefits your way of life, and for better or worse you will help in any way you can until this conflict has ended

* * *

Campaign Guide

Accepted Game Guides
  • Star Wars RPG Core
  • Galaxy at War
  • Galaxy of Intrigue
  • Starships of the Galaxy (the Tech Specialist Feat can be found on page 21, but the web enhancement is fine.)
  • Clone Wars
  • Scum and Villainy
  • Knights of the Old Republic
  • Legacy Era
  • Rebellion Era
Character Creation
  • Starting Level: 1st
  • Species from Corellian System (preferably Human)
  • Starting Classes: Soldier, Scout, Scoundrel, Noble
  • Force Sensitivity and Force Training Feats may be taken at any time during your characters creation and level progression if you meet the requirements.
  • Gear and Credits: At starting level, take your credit rolls +1,000 credits. Credits will be allocated by your commanding officer after your basic training. Gear will be provided, but any gear that you want to purchase from the accepted game guides should be noted on your application posts.
  • Show all taken feats, talents, skills, and points that were allocated and to which abilities.
Force Users
Any character taking the Force Sensitivity and Force Training feats are prohibited from taking Jedi and Sith specific powers, talents, techniques, or any other benefits associated with those Force Traditions. All and any other Force Traditions will be accepted. Light and Dark side powers, talents, techniques, or any other benefits are also acceptable. UPDATE 1.1: The Lightsaber Talent tree is open for use by those characters that choose to take the Weapon Proficiency: Lightsabers feat.
Gaining Levels
I have written the game to be played out in chapters. Essentially, each chapter will take each character through their current level and at the conclusion of each chapter, there will be a "resting" period for the players to make any adjustments to their characters (taking new feats, talents, etc.). This will make it easier on everyone as we all do not have to keep track of XP. The ranking system will be tracked on your character pages by myself, so please do not adjust these. I will be keeping track of it behind the screen, but lets not get to complicated with things being changed around without my knowledge.
All gear and items will be requisitioned at the start of each mission. Any gear found by the characters throughout the campaign may be used in place of the provided gear, and the characters are not required to take and use each set of items.
Character Pages
Once your application has been approved, you may copy and paste your characters progression and stat-block and start you own character page in the appropriate thread group. This is for keeping track of your characters progression and rank withing the organization. So please do not start any discussions in that post.
The game will be using the Legacy destiny format. As such, you will need to create your own family name, group, organization, etc. The description on creating this legacy is outlined in the Legacy Era guide in chapter II page 23. One thing to remember when creating your own legacy is that the GM must approve your destiny point use. I suggest that you make it as appropriate for your character class or skill set as possible.

* * *

Application Thread

* * *

Game Update Thread

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Doing up an application now, looking forward to the chance to play in a game with a lot moral grey areas in it rather than simply going dark/evil.

Thanks. That is why I wanted to do no Jedi and no Sith. Anything outside of those 2 traditions is fair game.

Quick question regarding the Battle Points:
Originally Posted by Macario View Post
Each character will be awarded 20 BP at the end of basic training.
Does the game begin before or after the basic training? (ie do character start with the 20BP right away?)

Originally Posted by BlackPhoenix View Post
Quick question regarding the Battle Points:

Does the game begin before or after the basic training? (ie do character start with the 20BP right away?)
Thanks for pointing that out. It should be at the start of basic training. It should also be noted that the full list of items to be purchased through this system are not all up yet. So I recommend you hold off on what to buy until tomorrow or friday when the list will be done for a better look at what would be offered on regards to weapons and such.

gonna go change the language of that statement.

Thanks again Phoenix

...Each character will be awarded 20 BP to purchase gear during the application process...

Macario how do you feel about about players new to the system? I have had some experience with it online, but most the games have not lasted too long meaning my experience is limited, will it be a problem?

I can get access to the majority of the books and so on, my build might be a little basic at the start and I might have a few question in character creation but in the game I should not be too much of a hassle.

im good with it. I do not profess to be an expert but there are plenty of people on the Weave that know the system well and would be more than willing to help out.
Just head over to the Forum Discussion when u have a question or just shoot me an email or PM if you need help with anything and I will definitely help out as best I can.

Tossing my hat into the ring....though, admittedly, I have no idea what species or class to play. I do enjoy unusual characters, and have some ideas floating about my a Yuzzem Tech-Specialist, or a small "bodyguard" droid (think of Frenzy from the first Transformers movie)..

As long as u can put the characters background in corellian birth or created by corellians (not a droid fan myself but if the character build is good, how can I say no!) it will definitly be in the running for admittance.


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