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Alternate Animal Companions

Alternate Animal Companions

I know there are a lot of Animal Companions and Wizard/Sorc Spellcaster familiars in D&D books. But there is one missing I always wanted but could never find.

That is a "DUCK".

Anybody know of anywhere a Duck companion/familiar could be found? If not anyone have any house rule ideas on it? Cause I don't. Thanks!

I'm not aware of any duck stats
For a makeshift patch, I would take the Raven stats, possibly advance its size, replace the claw attack with a wing attack, and basically call it a day.

Off topic a bit, but hey.

May I introduce, the Duck bunny

Edit: Almost forgot. On page 166 of Frostburn, there are stats for a penguin. It's the closest thing I can think of to a duck.

Duck Bunny......No.....Just.....No

Honestly, a duck wouldn't even have an attack, I don't think... their claws are pretty much harmless, and their bill isn't exactly any kind of threat, either. So, like a toad familiar, they just wouldn't have an attack. I'd say a ground speed 15 or 20 (a hawk has a 10 ft. speed, and they're mostly fliers, while a duck is much more ground-based and can waddle pretty well when they get up to speed), with a fly speed of 30 ft. (average), and a swim speed of 10 ft. Tiny sized, so 0 ft. reach/2 1/2 ft. space. For stats, maybe match a viper (which are semi-aquatic and have a swim speed), since those aren't a huge deal, or whatever familiar-type animal you prefer. Feats, maybe Alertness and Improved Initiative (if you ever watch a duck hunt, they seem pretty alert and quick to react), and maybe also the Hold Breath (Ex) ability. As for that they grant their master as a familiar, maybe +2 Swim?

Wing attacks are a thing, Aftershock, even in the real world (you REALLY don't want to get hit by a swan, for instance - those things can shatter your femur without too much effort - and they're reasonably similar to ducks anatomically, if scaled up a touch).

Ducks can't attack? Right, just because their beak isn't pointy and can't stab an eye out it's harmless? Yhea, there's plenty of people who's been bitten by both ducks and geese who will tell you otherwise.

But ducks are not nearly as dangerous as a moose. Mooes bites can be pretty nasty, mind you...

A Mse once bit my sister...


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