Under the Black Rainbow

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Under the Black Rainbow

Under the Black Rainbow - Forum
Ad Closes: Jun 30 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 3

This is the ad for the game I forgot to post a while back. The rules for making characters are included above in the game information, but this game is going to be somewhat roleplay heavy as it seems that a lot of the problem with games and the thing that slows them down is an overabundance of combat and waiting on players to decide what to do.

So I'm opening this up here and now, first game in a while that I will be running anywhere but since I have a lot more free time during the week this will get easier. A little bit about my background in gaming, I started playing in 2008, around the time that 4e was coming out but I stuck exclusively to third until very recently, I have run a few games, one of them ran for years and was a PbP and only ended because I hated the politics of the forum that was hosting it.

I'm looking for three or four good story oriented players, people who work well together and mes with each other in a way that will make for a believable group dynamic.

Game Description:

A broad incision sits across the evening,
The victim to our father's lost war
The restless children sit and mourn the graves
Of those they've never seen before
Will they be buried here among the dead
In the silent secret?


Cambria is the last world in a string of small planetoids that the gods strung together using the Keywork, a beam of divine energy that allowed passage between the worlds. The Keywork was over seen by eight Arch Mages, each holding dominion over one of the planets. When one of the mages slew the leader of Cambria in a move to claim himself as ruler of all the eight worlds, the others moved to stop him and soon all-out war engulfed the worlds of the Keywork.

In the last year of the war, known as The Year of the Black Rainbow the fighting grew so fierce and the weapons so monstrous that the Keywork that held Cambria to the rest of the network was sundered. Seeing the error of their ways the people overthrew the Arch Mages, exterminating them and many other Arcane Magic users in the process.

The damage was done though; Cambria was forever severed from the rest of the network. The Black Rainbow is a reference to the fact that in the sky where the world used to be connected to the others there is now only multicolored tear in the fabric of reality. A new governing house has taken up control of the planet, the Royal House Atlantic—an aristocratic family that oversees the planets development and wellbeing, though not always in the way that many of the people would like.

The Game would start off with the player characters on Cambria in the capital city of Junesong, many of the things in the game borrow heavily from the music of the Coheed & Cambria, obviously the name of this first world. The Royal House Atlantic regularly puts contracts out for people to pick up for extra coin. At the same time they maintain a regular standing group of contractors that they use repeatedly. You can pick to be either of these and your starting level is going to be five.

Title: Under the Black Rainbow
System: Pathfinder
Setting: Homebrew based on the music of Coheed and Cambria and the Armory Wars world they created for their comic books.

Other details:

  • The war has been over for over 100 years, Elves and other long living races will remember the end of it, but humans and others not so much.
  • The characters are going to be made with a 25 point buy, two traits, and we're going to use the regular wealth by level system.
  • Allowed sources: Anything Pathfinder Non-Psionic, the classes from 3.5 Complete Books, Gunslingers, Ninjas and Samurai Welcome.
  • Full HP for first five levels.
  • Characters get one extra feat of their choosing, must be something that you meet all perquisites for.

Enhancements in Effect: +5 on attack rolls against dudes named Gary.

I made myself my own photography thread, check it out: Here
Ooh, I'm intrigued. I have a great character for this one. I'll post him shortly, after I tweak him a bit for the campaign.

Oh, guns do not require a feat to us unless they're muskets or older firearms. A revolver doesn't really take much experience to use, so I'm house ruling that one.

Martial, sorry.

Just found the ad for this game and I like the concept for the setting. Are you still taking apps? And if so, are any of the races from the Advanced Races Guide acceptable?

Interested as well, I'll see about getting an app in. Will you only be taking 3 players or was that just a rough number?

Three or Four, I don't want to run a huge game. There's a DMPC fighter in the group too, but as far as stats and the like go she's indistinguishable from the rest.


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