The Blackfyre Rebellion

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The Blackfyre Rebellion

A Pretender to the Throne - Forum
Song of Ice and Fire - Westeros
Ad Closes: Jun 28 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

The relevant information should be located in the game forum.

A few notes, given the large number of house rules involved, most of them untested and not having received second opinions, the first few days probably will require an equal attention to figuring out which of them needs refinement or the axe.

I will take any number of players provided that they create an acceptable character and write up the details of an NPC house for e to use, I anticipate that attrition will bring down the number to a suitable amount, so better to start with a higher than ideal number. I don't see much point in trying if there is less than four players however.

I like to keep a tight schedule, though don't take the one week advertisement window as an absolute deadline. It is my intent to get started when it closes, though I hope I can be flexible as needed.

Game Description:


On his deathbed, King Aegon IV Targaryen, by some called the unworthy, legitimized all of his bastards, of which there were many. Now his son King Daeron II Targaryen sits on the iron throne, yet whispers of discontent spreads across the kingdoms, from the Dornish marshes to the wall. It is said that King Daeron II was sired by Aemon the Dragonknight. It is whispered that the old King had intended to disinherit him because of this and give the crown to his bastard son, Daemon Blackfyre, some bold tongues speculate that King Aegon IV was murdered before he could do this.

Whatever the case, there are many who would like to believe such rumors to be true. If singers are to believed, Daemon looks the part of a king and is the warrior himself with a sword, and not just any sword. He was given Blackfyre by his father, the Valyrian Steel sword of Targaryen Kings, an admission perhaps, that he is the true heir of King Aegon IV? King Daeron II is not a warrior, and he has further angered the nobles of the realm by importing many Dornish customs and nobles to court.

Should Daemon Blackfyre decide to rise in rebellion to the crown, he will doubtlessly have the support of many houses, enough to pose a serious threat to his half-brother's reign, enough perhaps, to win.

I will be using the 2009 edition of the book (I do not have the Game of Thrones Edition), including errata from the greenronin forum. There will be some house rules as well, those will be detailed in the game forum.

My intention is to have the story be primarily player driven, my preference is to have the world react to what the PC's does. Besides making characters, players will also be required to create neighboring houses, which I will use as the main NPC's of the tale. It will be their agendas and interaction with the PC house that will be the center of attention, with the overarching Blackfyre plot looming in the background and being used to nudge the story along when needed, and provide justification and sparks for many things.

The story will start a few years after the coronation of Daeron II and hopefully we'll see a culmination at the battle of the Redgrass Field. I intend to stick with known canon as much as possible, though I am not adverse to changing it. I will make one major exception though, the winner at Redgrass Field will not be scripted, before any PC intervention is taken into account, there is an equal chance of loyalists and blackfyres winning.

So all the PC's will be in one house? Will one PC be lord of all the rest of us?

I will start searching for my books. I think the house should have a god damned badger on its coat of arms.

What would be the primary type of character you're looking for? Are we talking something more like scheming nobles, or is there a variety?

Is it mandatory that everyone is in the same house, or any house at all?

The story will be centered around the fortunes of one House. So the PC's would be members of the family or the household. Players are to come up with some words about other houses, but those will be NPC houses that I will use as my primary pool of people to bring into play.

A PC could be the Lord of the House, there's benefits and drawbacks with that. The benefit being that someone has a clear IC mandate to say "This is what we do", the drawback being that things might grind to a halt if that Player is absent and that he does potentially have a lot more influence over the story than other players. On the other hand, if he's NPC'ed, then I might have to take more command over the story than I wish, or slow down gameplay to get group input on what he should do.

Personally, my preference is that someone takes the mantle, though that shouldn't fully be my decision.

As for types of characters, anything should work as long as it makes sense with the house created.

Okay, I'm interested. I have both books and I've read all the books. I'm thinking I'll pla a sell-sword-turned-hedge knight looking to make his fortune.

I was thinking about doing an adolescent or young adult skinchanger/stable boy who could warg into a horse. I would understand if that would not be allowed. What is thy ruling?

The North isn't available as a region and we're talking about a period were magic is at an all time low in Westeros, no dragons and such. Plus, you would be blowing all three of your benefits on something which doesn't really give you much in return. I'd say unplayable.

All interested players should read through the material posted in the forum. At least those in the main thread group. And everyone should post here ASAP:


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