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Avatar: The Loss of Spirits

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Estimated Members Requested: 6

I am looking for 6 players, two nonbenders, one bender of each element.

I realize this makes it difficult, no one likes to compete over a position, but the story needs it. Please feel free to apply for up to two positions, but please don't be dissuaded from the class you want just because you're afraid of someone else going for the role.

This is the system we'll be using.

Game Description:

20 years after the untimely death of Avatar Korra. Between the rise and fall of the equalists, the loss of Technology's greatest minds, and the tragic death of the Avatar and her allies, the world was in a state of chaos for almost 15 years. What's worse, even with the world having settled back into its old habits, why has a new Avatar not come forth? With the 100 years with no Avatar less than 2 generations behind, the world is afraid of what this might mean.

In this time, several gifted young benders have come forth, from villages across the world. They are being trained on Avatar island, the former Airbending Temple outside of the ruins of Republic city. Though the last five years have been a time of change, that city stands as a monument to our sins, and a reminder to the danger of overlooking our friends and allies.

You 6 represent the brightest minds that the temple has to offer. Your skills are not necessarily legendary, but your tutors sense a great future beyond you, what they call a Void in your spirit, waiting to be filled.

Are you suffering?

Avengers Academy 2016! Rotating GM ongoing RPG!
What level do we start at? And for stats: Point Buy, or rolling?

A quick rules clarification. Do humans, as they are the only race (I think?) in the D20 variant get the bonus skill and feat?

If they don't, then my idea of a Firebender with Hook Swords is completely down the toilet.


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