Re-recuriting for RogueTrader: whispers on the storm.

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Re-recuriting for RogueTrader: whispers on the storm.

Whispers on the Storm - Forum
Rogue Trader
Ad Closes: Jun 27 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Ok folks I have been running a Rogue Trader game on here and as most times with pbp games we have had some people vanish.

Are current party consists of
Rogue Trader

What I am looking for would be 2 or three more players.

Books Allowed: Rouge Trader core, Into the storm and Battlefleet Koronus. You may also take gear and only gear from the Dark Heresy core book.

Creation Method: Roll, 2d10+25 arrange to taste as stated on Page .14 of the Rogue Trader core book.
Origin path: The Career Row is open, not tied to any choice.
Rank: Rank 1 careers may use substitution career levels, if you have the correct requirements. You will have a total of 6'900 xp. ( This includes the 4'500 built into the lifepath).

You may place application within the application Thread.

Game Description:

Ambition knows no bounds, but sometimes it does leave ruin and long buried secrets in its wake. Rogue Trader dynasties are millennia old, with past glories and failures long forgotten to the sea of time and the weight of age. Some secrets are best left forgotten and some bring mounds of Thrones and the predatory grin that only comes from, exploitation , trade and expanding the all mighty Profit Factor.

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Anything you really need/want? Conversely, anything you don't need/want?

Working on a Missionary, should be done by the end of the weekend...someone has put up a Navigator.

Looks interesting, I'll have to crack the books open and have a look though.

Working on a possible application; I'm honestly not sure I have time for another game, but have wanted to try RT for a while now.

Since you started this game Rogue Trader has been added as a game type. You may want to submit a change request via the edit game/game control panel page.

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