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Double lightsaber vs 2 lightsabers

Double lightsaber vs 2 lightsabers


I'm looking at lightsaber concepts, specifically using a double lightsaber and using two lightsabers. I find that a double lightsaber appears to be superior (mechanically) to using two lightsabers, meaning that two lightsabers have nothing that a double lightsaber doesn't have. So I want to know if I missed something.
  • Both can be used to make multiple attacks (well, two) in a round;
  • Both can have such multiple attacks penalty reduced using the same feats (Dual Weapon Mastery I, II, and III);
  • Both can be used with Weapon Finesse;
  • Both have the same base damage for both attacks;
  • The double lightsaber does twice the STR modifier damage because it is held two-handed. At the same time, a double lightsaber is much more interesting to a character with the Power Attack feat.

Again, am I missing something?

Note: I'm talking about using two lightsabers, la Asajj Ventress, not a lightsaber and a guard shoto.

Well, the one thing I noticed is that with two lightsabers you always have a spare. If someone cuts through your double lightsaber, there's a chance that one half will still function, but otherwise it's destroyed. But with two lightsabers, if one is destroyed, you still have the other. Plus, two lightsabers works better with lightsaber throw since you can keep the other to still deflect and block attacks.

You also have the benefit of double the upgrades with two lightsabers (having a lightsaber artifice add extras to each lightsaber, using tech specialist on each lightsaber, two seperate lightsaber crystals, etc).

my only concern would be if your character went to grab something with one hand, is that a swift or move action... I mean, lets say u need to activate a door, or punch the gungan who is annoying the hell out of u. would grabbing the hilt be considered another move? I think I'd consider that a swift, but that would eliminate any full-round actions that you may want to attempt.

Personally, i like the 2 saber look, tho that depends on if ur gonna be the tank or duelist style of a player. I see your mechanics dilemma tho.

No, grabbing the hilt would not be another move. Plus, for either of those examples, you don't need to let go of the lightsaber. Activating a door is as simple as lifting one finger off the hilt and pressing the open button. While punching a gungan would result in punching him with your fist wrapped around your lightsaber, or actually hitting him with the weapon hilt itself.

Since my original post, I realized that there are two lightsaber forms powers that require having two lightsabers, so they would not be available to someone using a double lightsaber: Rising Whirlwind and Twin Strike (JATM pages 33 and 35).

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