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Deadlands Combat on PBP

Deadlands Combat on PBP

So, I've been itching to run a Deadlands Revised game here on myth-weavers. I've run Deadlands before online, but usually through chat rooms where the posting rate is very quick. I've also played D&D 3.5 and Star Wars Saga Edition on other play by posts sites, and I know how combat slows down significantly on PBP.

So, my question is, how could I make combat in Deadlands Revised work? In my other games, players were fine with me drawing cards in real life (I have six decks, so every huckster and such had their own), but my main problem is working out turn order in the game, since it's all based on individual cards for actions.

Any ideas? Has anyone even played Deadlands Revised on PBP?

I'd determine a number for each card, and than roll 1d52 or whatever (I love the MW dice system! ).

I.e. 1 = Ace of Spades and so and and so forth.

Problem: that doesn't account for missing cards. When you draw a card, it doesn't go back in.

I've not played the Savage Worlds version, but I thought each player had their own deck. Everyone draws from their own, and cards go back in once they've been used.

I think. My sister was thinking of running a game, so she's got my book at the moment.

No, in Deadlands the Marshal has one deck for NPC and enemy actions, and the party has one deck for their actions. The only time a player has his/her own deck is when he/she is playing a huckster or mad scientist. But, that's not my question. I was a little unclear.

In the combat, to determine turn order, a player would roll a quickness check and gain up to have five cards. Each one of those cards would be her actions, with turn order starting at aces and ending at 2s. So, she may have a king of hearts and a 4 of diamonds, while another player has a 6 of spades, meaning his action happens between the other player's two actions.

This can make combat go very slowly on PBP. Whereas in games like D&D 3.5, combat would take a while since every player had to post their three actions on each of their turns with regards to the initiative order, in deadlands, every player has a varying number of actions per round that are all spread out around each other, meaning anytime you say "I attack the bandit", there could be three other players who have a hire card than you who also say "I attack the bandit" and kill him before your turn happens.

Revised must be a different system then the Deadlands I own. Because there is one deck for init between players and the Marhsal. Not two.

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