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2. Have a firm concept. Make sure your character feels like a character. The mechanics are there to back up your concept, not define it. Worry about your concept first, then pick the mechanics to fit. Don't be afraid to ask for help (there are a lot of folks on these boards that would be happy to do so), just make sure you post what your concept is and all relevant rules (including allowed sources and houserules) and your own preferences. Be ready to stick to your guns on your concept, but also ask the prospective DM about it. If he says your concept won't work in the game, it's best to change your concept. Just be sure it's the concept and not mechanics he doesn't like.
On that note, make sure your character isn't a special-snowflake/Mary-Sue type character. Yes heroes are supposed to be unique and special, but not too unique and special. From the games I've seen and gotten into, most of the players who had complete applications and got rejected were the ones with "He's a dragon but doesn't know it" or "Was a super powerful elf wizard a long time ago, but locked herself away in a tower to study, and during that time forgot most of her spells because she didn't use them in so long."
Backgrounds like that may work among friends, and might be quite fun to play, but when you're applying for a game make the character have a believable background that blends into the setting, trying to force a setting to fit your character doesn't work and is kind of poor taste.

One big thing is be nice and make friends. You can also check out the ad I have up, it's for 3.5, just click on the Duskfield Ways link


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