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Advice on creating spellcasting Druid Blodeuwedd

Advice on creating spellcasting Druid Blodeuwedd

Here's what I've come up with so far: (stuff in grey can't be changed.)
Concept: - Blodeuwedd druid of Gozreh, focus on spell casting/summoning. A strong emphasis on nature means she'll probably fill the Marshal role and have a hand in ensuring good crops (which may also include hops and vineyards).

Blodeuwedd 3/ Druid 1
Str 15 | Dex 19 | Con 25 | Int 18 | Wis 19 | Cha 16 (dice were rolled, not points buy and have blodeuwedd mods added)

Racial Traits
Allergen Aura (Ex): 30 ft aura DC20 Fort
Change Shape (Su): 1/day up to 3 hrs into owl or single unique humanoid
Nature's Infusion (Su): 1/day, 1 hr, temp HP 1d10 + 7 CL(6)

Spell-Like Abilities
Constant-speak with plants; At will-dancing lights; 3/day-entangle (DC15); 2/day-spike growth (DC17); 1/day-deep slumber (DC17), goodberry, whispering wind

Combat Casting, Spell Focus Conjuration, Augmented Summoning,
Class Feats
Nature bond, nature sense, orisons, wild empathy
Campaign Traits
Reactionary +2 Initiative; Magical Knack - Druid +2CL

She's a worshipper of Gozreh (being neutral herself she's not limited by what spells she can cast or beast she can summon, and aiming for more of a spellcaster than melee/damager, I've opted to take the Domain instead of Animal Companion (though I could be persuaded against that). Looking at the available domains for
Domains: Air, Cloud, Plant, Water, Weather.
Subdomains: Cloud, Decay, Feather, Fur, Growth, Ice, Oceans, Seasons, Storm, Winds.
Gozreh the best option for spell versatility (not to many duplicates with the druid or blodeuwedd spells) seems to be Water with the Oceans subdomain. This adds:
1st—obscuring mist, 2nd—slipstream, 3rd—water walk, 4th—control water, 5th—ice storm, 6th—cone of cold, 7th—elemental body IV (water only), 8th—horrid wilting, 9th—tsunami to her spell list, 6 of which are
I count Elemental Body in there because wild shape allows you this ability already.
duplicate spells on the Druid list, and adds the ability to push/pull a creature and gives cold resistance at level 8.

I'm also seriously looking at the Menhir Savant which not only ties in brilliantly with the blodeuwedd but gives more casting power, the option to take her companions with her via plants and detecting fey/undead etc. automatically within 60 ft.

QuestionsFeats - I know having Augmented Summoning in there so early is perhaps a bit redundant, so what are the suggestions you'd recommend instead?
Toughness, Superior Summons, Natural Spell, Wild Speech, Hover, Improved Initiative. Other options are: Quicken Spell, Improved Natural Armour, Spell Penetration, Moonlight Summons, Starlight Summons, Sunlight Summons, Aspect of the Beast, Powerful Shape, Quick Wild Shape, Planar wild shape
Planned Feats to take

Menhir Savant - Is it worth giving up nature sense,
blodeuwedd gives you this anyway but it won't increase with druid levels
wild empathy, woodland stride,
blodeuwedd can turn into an owl or person 1/day so she could fly everywhere at higher levels. Also party members can leave tracks too.
trackless step, and a thousand faces for a 1 round increase to CL, transport via plants, detecting fey/undead/outsiders and all astral, ethereal or incorporeal creatures, and the ability to turn ethereal for a dozen or more rounds a day?

Domains - Other suggestions for domains which might suit the concept better? Or ditch that idea and keep the animal companion (which animal would you suggest would work best in the River Kingdoms?)

Since she can change into an owl or one sort of humanoid that's not her natural form, what sort of humanoid would be best? Dwarf, to get darkvision? Or Merfolk to get the swim 30 ability?

I guess that either people are experiencing character optimisation burn out, no one is familiar (or interested) enough with PF to offer suggestions, or that no one has any ideas to offer at all. A pity, as I was looking forward to hearing what ideas people had to share.

Isn't a Blodeuwedd a 7(fey) HD, CR6 creature, or are you using the new Race Guide to make this creature?

If so, you'd really have more luck on the Paizo Advice board as you're looking for a small subset (those who have the brand new guide) of a subset (those who to Pathfinder at all on MW) of this community.

Other than that, and the huge misbalance that comes from trading a single casting level for a gazillion ability score points and a bunch of spell like abilities, the biggest problem would be the allergen thing. Because it says it's a free action to suppress and says nothing about resuming it, I'd interpret that allergen aura as being something that's always on except for when you consciously suppress it with a free action. In my mind that would mean you would sicken your allies every time you slept (and couldn't take free actions).

The blodeuwedd is indeed a CR6 creature with 7HD. The GM has come up with an advancement system to allow me to create a CR3 version for the game which will eventually end up being CR6.

Not being a member of the Paizo forums I thought I'd ask here before looking elsewhere, but that's a good suggestion, thanks.

Since every other player has also traded off being one of the standard races, I figure that any imbalance is going to be offset by that, and the GM will be the biggest controller to mitigate that. Being a CR3 creature who can cast spells, her CL is also 3 - now 4 since she's taken 1 level of druid.

However I didn't think about the allergen thing being on when she sleeps, and that could work in her favour in case of being ambushed at night. The party has been working around it during daylight hours (if she's not supressing it) by spending a few minutes every day getting used to the aura until everyone makes their Fort save which makes them immune to it for 24 hours. One character is also looking at alchemy and the GM has ruled that he can concoct a potion which will aid in resisting the hayfever effect.

There's a good general Paizo guide here:

It's kinda tough to give optimization advice when you are playing a pretty crazy custom character like this. Are the other characters as over the top?

Yeah, 2 adolescent silver dragons (one will be a sorcerer, the other a cleric/monk), 1 tiefling witch, and 1 celestial sylph ninja. I don't think the idea's that much crazier than taking some of the monsters from the bestiary and giving them character classes. The base race is a little out of the ordinary I'll admit, but that's probably because it comes from a PF adventure, rather than the Bestiary books. Thanks for the link, I'd been looking a lot at the guide when I created to concept.

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