Pirate Girls of Mars: Privateer Lessons

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Pirate Girls of Mars: Privateer Lessons

Pirate Girls of Mars: Privateer Lessons - Forum
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This is a game powered by Stars Without Number. You will be playing High School Students from Huer Academy which is located in the Coprates Arcology (en enclosed city built into a canyon) on Mars. Classes in Huer Academy are co-ed, though its not necessary to be from the same class. The one common link between all Player Characters is the fact they are members of the Academy Yacht Club. The club itself is located in an orbital extension of the arcology which is tethered to Coprates by a Space Elevator. There is a docking facility, and the vessels belonging to the club are kept there. Mostly older, decommissioned craft. Keeping them in working order is part of the students club duties.

What I am looking for in an application.

1. Name and Physical Description. Even though I am using some anime tropes in this game, its not necessary for the character. Though I might have a preference to those who embrace the spirit of the genre.

2. Place of origin. This could be Mercury, Venus, Earth, Luna, Mars, Ceres and the Asteroid Belt, or Titan. Due to advances in Gravitic technology, which only works effective at short range (about 10 feet), FTL propulsion is not yet possible, but maintaining an Earthlike gravity on colonies (with the exception of Venus and Edo, which are large enough not to need it) is quite easy. Thus human life can flourish anywhere resources are available.

Outposts exist on Titania, Triton, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Eris, though no colonies exist there and thus there is no birth rate. Edo (a rogue Earth-like planet captured by Jupiter, the Second Sun) is off limits as a place of origin due to the xenophobic nature of the Yamato Collective. Only Venus, Earth and Mars (as well as Edo) have atmospheres that are hospitable to human life. There are also the option of coming from an Interplanetary Colony, which is essentially an Arcology in space, many of which are found in the Asteroid Belt as well as more removed ones in the Kuiper Belt. They are from a previous era, and possess their own Artificial Intelligence.

3. Pick a race. This will mostly be human. Due to the aforementioned advance in gravitic technology, humans pretty much remain constant throughout the Solar System. There are exceptions, most notably the Nekos.

Players with Venusian characters may opt to play Nekos, or cat people. More specifically cat girls. Nekos are the only really successful form of engineered sentient life. However, the birth rate of males is around 1% and as such they are not allowed off the planet as they have required "duties". Nekos are just as capable as any human, though they rarely show a predisposition for psychic ability. They look like humans with cat ears, cat eyes and a tail.

AIs exist, but are expensive and often specialized. Rules for them are only in the print version of the game, so if you don't have the book, I'm not going to make one for you.

4. Field of Study: What do you plan to do with the character. The Expert class is the most common. The Warrior class would be for those who are more athletic in nature and want to pursue a career in the Navy, a Security company or Law Enforcement. Psychics are the most rare (I'm only going to allow one). Multiclassing is possible, though not really recommended as there isn't a big advantage to it. Characters will start at level 1, but the initial first few levels of advancement will be relatively quick, but will slow down again around level 5-6. Don't worry about making a sheet until after characters are selected.

5. Personality and Hobbies: What defines your character. "Shoots stuff" is not a personality. What is your character interested in and what makes them interesting?

6. Expectations: What do you expect to see in this game? What would you like to see? What subgenres of science fiction do you like? Do you want a story driven game, or something more character driven? Stars Without Number is pretty much designed for sandbox games (it actually says so in the book), so even though this will be a game confined to the Solar System, there is still potential for exploration.

I'll say now I have a vague idea of where I want to go with this game. Fortunately, I am recycling some ideas I used in previous Pen and Paper games, but for the most part I want to flesh out ideas as we go. If you have some ideas for world building, I am open to hearing them. Though I maintain the privilege to reject an idea if I think its too far out. There are some things I would like to keep mysterious. The game will be tech level 4, verging on 3 in some colonies. The Yamato Collective may harbour tech level 5 technology, but they guard their secrets fastidiously.

I will be accepting applications until I feel I have enough players to start, from about 4-6. In any case the ad will be open at least a week.

Keep in mind the game is called Pirate Girls of Mars. I'll allow both male and female characters, but I want to avoid a sausage party. A girl character will be considered over a boy character, and a cat girl character will have special consideration. Though don't let the light tone of the game make you think I will take the game lightly, I'm not going to force anime tropes into this game, so if you like more serious sci-fi that's fine too. I just like cute things and quirky games.

Game Description:

In the 25th Century, the Solar System has transformed. Colonies have reached across interplanetary space, and a second Sun has ignited from what was once the gas giant of Jupiter. Multiple treaties and contracts have limited the limited the reach of navies and planetary law enforcement, and private security companies rarely venture beyond their jurisdiction. A new lawlessness pervades the Solar System, and many an opportunist has taken advantage of a system where justice can be evaded simply by travelling far enough away. Governments, Corporations and Insurance Houses have come up with a system to recoup some of their losses: The Letter of Marque.

Privateers and Corsairs have been given licence to plunder those who do not pay their dues, and sometimes those who trespass into the wrong territory. So long as they pay their dues to the Insurance House that sponsors them, as well as a 20% commission, The Letter of Marque will be honored almost everywhere in the Solar System, with a few exceptions.

Not everyone is suited for a life of Piracy. It is a difficult path to choose, and some through unfortunate circumstances don't even choose it at all so much as have it thrust upon them. It is especially hard on those who have other responsibilities, and teachers who don't see a Letter of Marque as an excuse to let grades slip. For instance, the students of the Huer Academy located in the Martian arcology of Coprates...

Status: Still have chronic illness which is forever barring a medical miracle. That said I will try.

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Posting my interest. Just purchased the book for myself, going to give it a read while I build up my character concept. I am primarily interested in playing an AI construct if that's allowed, if not I'm sure I can come up with something else.

If I allow an AI, then there would only be one and it would be fairly specialized and probably the property of some entity, Corporate or otherwise. The exception might be an AI in an Echo armature that is disguised as a student. The only armatures I will allow at first would be the Standard or the Echo. Go ahead and make the application and I'll see how I can fit it in.

Sounds just fine to me. As I said I'll likely need a day or two to go over the book but an app should be coming rather shortly after that.

This looks pretty fun. I'll be working on an application.
You wouldn't happen to be watching Mourestu Pirates, would you?

Yes that was my initial inspiration.

Posting interest, possibly in a cat-girl. I need to do some research. Please give me a couple of days.

As for point buy character classes, there is a d20 Anime, SRD is HERE.

@Panya, the point buy will be MUCH simpler. I'm using a variation of the one in the D&D Player's Cyclopedia because I want to keep this game close to its OD&D roots. Though I really do appreciate your linking a PDF version of the SRD. I'm not a big fan of Anime d20 (Mutants and Masterminds 3e is my game of choice for that) but I do like to have SRDs around in case I find little goodies I can use.

As for a character concept, you don't have to put too much effort into this. I say this because I know how meticulous you are with details. Enough that my poor brain couldn't keep up with the Roman Federated Republic game. Plus, Cirlot's applications is already making my organizational skills look bad. There should be some rule about Players being better organized that the GM.

Suffice it to say, I have this game minimally planned out. Stars Without Number is actually quite good for that. So I am going to flesh things out as we go along, because I found I just work better that way. Though sometimes I will put detail into things. The ship will take some planning, for instance. If you were to play a cat girl, well in my system Cat Girls are from Venus, though of course like cats they tend to roam except for the males who are highly prized. Terraformed Venus is full of hot dense jungle, though there could be other ecologies. Cat girls would likely have settlements hidden under the canopy to protect it from the Sun (though technically Venus is still potentially habitable with the right atmosphere, but I am taking liberties). I envision them being derived from Cougar stalk (which includes Panthers and Jaguars), though its possible some domestic lineage is in there as well. There's always room for some Siamese (mainly because I grew up with them).

But if you want to take some liberties and fill in some details of your own, go ahead. I know your writing well enough that I can probably integrate what you come up with rather seamlessly. I look forward to your application.

Well, it seems the application thread is broken. @EvilRoeSlade, your application is intact but the initial post as well as Cirlot's application are missing. I've reported it, though not as yet directly to a mod. If the problem persists, please put any applications in this thread.

EDIT: Whisper is looking into the problem. Stay tuned.


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