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Infinity Needs You!

The Goodkind - Forum
Ad Closes: Jul 15 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

The Goodkind is a superhero genre game that combines inspirations from Watchmen and Age of X into a world of vigilantism, golden age heroics and the post apocalyptic refuse left behind in he wake of a superhero World War III. Your characters are the lucky individuals who have been recruited by a fanatical government and a resistance movement to progress the future of superhero-kind. It is your duty as a member of the team Infinity to oversee the affairs of the world as the new face of the superheroes.

While your duty is clear it may be clouded by the influence of the Union Kingdom and the needs of the Arsenal Alliance. Even the magical community may have a say in your objective. Yet do not fear, you're the first team of superheroes bound together by a common goal in decades and it is up to you- to rescue the future of the superheroes before things spiral even farther out of control.


The basic setting of The Goodkind is tension-riddled. For years the Earth as we know it has been ravaged by superhero battles, vigilantes taking the law into their own hands, villains running amok and ancient powers playing across the landscape like confused toddlers. As much as the Union Kingdom has attempted to cull the onslaught of the Earth's decimation they have been only 67.5% successful. The Union Kingdom has always fought with the rebel group known as the Arsenal Alliance and many of their battles have left devastating scars across the globe. The Union Kingdom and the Arsenal Alliance have since made tentative peace.

Regardless of what has happened in Earth's past with the powerful forces man now wields there are several silver linings. The Union Kingdom occupies the islands of Great Britain and have created a sprawling metropolis capable of sustaining itself without the aid of foreign nations (Although most nations now fall under Union Kingdom jurisdiction). The military force of the Union Kingdom is an equal combination of common soldiers, Evolved loyalists and reformed villains. There is even a small magical unit that is highly distrusted despite their abilities. A ready-to-act hover ship fleet also awaits immediate orders from the Union Kingdom.

The United States is severely ravaged by conflict and crime but the Arsenal Alliance calls it their home. Many hideouts litter the hills, forests and mountains of the United States and serve as the Arsenal Alliance's first line of defense against the mighty Union Kingdom.

Magic is not uncommon, although it is a sub-culture nowadays. A shady and distrusted bunch of people who never stay in one place for too long. The only known localized community is known as the Tapia Coven and resides in Costa Rica. Since the death of their Matron Tapia the Coven has considered changing their place of power.

Also, somewhere within the world there is a secret base dedicated to the nurturing of young Evolved. This place is known as the Helios Society and no one directly knows where it resides. In truth it is a subterranean city constructed as a training ground for potentially heroic Evolved youths.

Evolved or Non-Evolved

You must make a difficult choice before ever creating your character. This decision will shape the way your character looks at the world and the way the world looks at them. The Evolved are a species of human that have been infected or had a parent infected by the Darwin Spore. This sentient spore bestowed upon its victims powers, abilities beyond human comprehension and it also affected some people negatively by deforming them or giving them horrific mutations. The opposite and often opposing species of humans are normal. They are called the Non-Evolved and they did not receive powers by the Darwin Spore. Some humans accepted this but others did not and chose to become a vigilante by different means. Technologically advanced suits, physical training, magic and the occult and the occasional psychics have assisted in this new trend.
Character Creation

All interested players should familiarize themselves with the Window System. This will help you along the character creation process and keep everything on track.


*No character should have a stat with a rating of d8 or more. This is subject to change.

Heroes should have flaws. Despite being heroic or super they are not the iconic men and women we grew up reading about in comics. These characters are normal people, either Evolved or touched in some way, shape or form. They are willing to throw their lives on the line for their cause and their lives are very real.

A completed application should have the following fields of data filled out. See your character's type on their overall traits and skills. (Evolved/Non-Evolved)
-Stats (None higher than d6)
-Skills (None higher than d6)
-A short biography for your superhero incorporating the lore found within the forum.
-A name. A real human name. No one is an alien or fantasy being and names should be realistic. Codenames and monikers are decided after powers and abilities are fleshed out further.

Example character sheet may be found here.
If you need inspiration for the look of your character please refer to this link: Inspiration for Arsenal Alliance influenced vigilantes. Inspiration for a Union Kingdom, clean-cut style hero.
Further information on character creation found here.
*Please post application in the Game Forum.

Extra Stuff You Need To Know

While I understand that players have a life outside of Myth-Weavers it is also to be understood that a lot of hard work and dedication is being put into The Goodkind. I have put a list of interesting facts and tidbits of information you may be wondering and that I want you to know about...

1. Post Count, tenttoc is usually able to have access to Myth-Weavers and will keep the story flowing as quickly as possible. That is done with your help. I ask that anyone applying has the time for two-three dedicated posts a day.

2. Detail Oriented, adjectives are a very integral part of your character creation. They are also a very deep part of storytelling. GET USED TO THEM. Describe your posts, give me detail and breadth of what your character is doing in the story. If your character gets wounded don't just say 'My guy got hit' say 'He was slashed across the arm creating a scarlet ribbon of blood in its wake'. As GM I will put as much time into a response as I can, so should you.

3. You're Freaking Nuts! Free-reign with D# assignments on Stats and Skills?! Shut up and listen... I am no pushover and if I feel a character is overpowered or trying to be a Mary Sue then I will cut you down a few sizes. Remember what I said about flawed characters? Abide by that rule and acceptance into the game will be more likely. Chumps.

4. Overall Goal, what is the overall goal of a comic book? No one really knows. It's a story and your characters are living in it. I am the narrator and its your role to react to the way the world turns. Be ready for high-heroics and dangerous subterfuge. There is even chances of romance and diplomacy if the game is played right. Let me rephrase that. 'If the story is propelled right.'

5. Does my hero ever get any better? Yes they will, throughout the game I will allot achievements much like trophies on video games. These achievements may unlock side stories, powers and D# enhancements, or they may allow you to expand your background in ways you never thought possible. This is your way of leveling up!

In closing, thank you for reading through this game ad and if you came all the way to this point and still have no interest in applying. Leave your inspirational and helpful comments below.
Gabriel Lupei: Part of the shadows, deadly, a little insane. It's O.K.
Victor Slade: Teleporter, resentful, Evolved Pride.
Jamie Bard: Prodigy, Union Kingdom soldier, could have his own restaurant.
Kade Apiell: Magic-user or joke?
Lillian Tyche: Bionic legs, certified doctor, tragic.
Alyssa Walters: Edgy, packs a punch, hiding something.
Tamlin J. Chesterfield Semi-demonspawn, proposed descendant of Merlin, has tattoos.

Running: The Goodkind, FFXIX, FFXX
About: Dedicate to providing the best FF-PbP games on the Weave.

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Originally Posted by Drunva View Post
You already know i'm interested!!
Me too. Thinking a non-evolved specialist, an archer.

I guess I have to properly read through stuff. Probably 1st Stage Evolved.

Sounds pretty cool I am interested.Could you play as a magic using character?

@Mack Non-Evolved humans can be Magic users or Psychics

i am posting huge interest in this. Non-evolved side of the house. Physical training with a bit of magic i think


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