Blessed Fist of Moradin

Flying Caravel
Size/Type: Colossal Vehicle
Seaworthiness: +2
Shiphandling: +2
Speed: Wind x 30 ft. (Average), +30 with Haste
Wind: 3 mph in Light Wind
Overall Armor Class: -3
Hull Sections: 48
Sink: 12
Section HP: 80 (hardness 5)
Section AC: 3
Rigging Section: 6
Rigging HP: 80 (hardness 0)
Rigging AC: 1
Ram: 4d6
Mounts: 4 light and 2 Heavy
Space: 80 ft x 30 ft.
Height: 10 ft. (draft 10 ft.)
Complement(Crew & Passengers/Watch/Rowers): (60/14/N/A)
Cargo: 240 tons, (Speed wind × 15 ft. if 20 tons or more); +30 with Haste
Cost: See below

Blessed Fist of Moradin is the flying caravel that carries his Hammer. Eighty feet long and thirty feet wide, it's sails are always pushed by a favorable wind, along which the ship moves faster than any boat on water could. The ship can be made to render itself invisible, and its passengers too, and allow them to see one another.

The ship features an armory, barracks for officers and soldiers, kitchen, chapel, smithy and a functioning tavern. There is a small prison cell, and finer rooms for Quan and Quin, who also has a study.


Blessed Fist of Moradin is an armed war ship. At the bow, is a heavy mangonel that strike undead with destructive power, and at the stern is an equally powerful ballista. On the sides, are pair of ballistas and mangonels that can target ghosts.

+2 Profession (sailor) checks the captain or master makes in order to avoid foundering, sinking, and hazards that large, well-built vessels, like Blessed Fist of Moradin, avoid more easily than small and frail ones.

+2 Profession (sailor) checks the captain or master makes in order to avoid collisions, come about, sail close to the wind, and other situations that small, swift vessels, like Blessed Fist of Moradin, avoid more easily than large and clumsy ones.

Average Maneuverability
10 ft. is the maximum amount by which Blessed Fist of Moradin can change its speed (either speeding up or slowing down) in a single round. A vessel cannot exceed its maximum speed given the current wind strength and direction.
Can turn 45º after going 60 ft...

Various spell effects can be suppressed and reactivated by authorized characters. Characters are authorized by a week long attuning process, and the level of authorization is determined by the character with the highest authorization and possession of the ship.

Guards and Wards
A Guards and Wards spell is imbued into the ship. Authorized allies can suppress the effects, at will, as a Standard Action, and can reset them as a Full-round Action.
At-minimum caster level.

Mass True Seeing
Everyone on board has true seeing.
At-minimum caster level for Mass True Seeing.

Detect Undead
Creatures on board can use the Detect Undead spell at will.
At-minimum caster level.

Blessed Fist of Moradin is blessed to fill it's allies with courage. Each ally gains a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and on saving throws against fear effects.
At-minimum caster level.

This effect extends within and 40 ft. without Blessed Fist of Moradin.
Blessed Fist of Moradin is guarded by a magic circle against evil effect.
All Charisma checks, within the area of Blessed Fist of Moradin, made to turn undead gain a +4 sacred bonus, and Charisma checks to command undead take a -4 penalty.
Spell resistance does not apply to this effect.
Any dead body interred in a Blessed Fist of Moradin cannot be turned into an undead creature.
A death ward applies to all creatures who share Quin's faith.
The correct creatures are immune to all death spells, magical death effects, energy drain, and any negative energy effects.
This death ward effect doesn’t remove negative levels that the correct creature has already gained, nor does it affect the saving throw necessary 24 hours after gaining a negative level.
Death ward does not protect against other sorts of attacks even if those attacks might be lethal.
At-minimum caster level.

Blessed Fist of Moradin is under the effects of a Haste spell in relation to the boost to speed. No other effects are exhibited, and this effect is not passed onto the passengers.
At-minimum caster level.

Dimension Door
Blessed Fist of Moradin can perform a Dimension Door, at-will. After arriving at its destination, the ship immediately stalls, and falls 200 ft.
At-minimum caster level.
Activating this effect is a Standard Action by an authorized character.

Once an hour, Blessed Fist of Moradin can Teleport up to 900 miles.
Once an hour, Blessed Fist of Moradin can Teleport four medium-sized creatures, up to 900 miles.
At-minimum caster level.
Activating this effect is a Standard Action by an authorized character.

Blessed Fist of Moradin is invisible, and so are its passengers. If an attack roll, or any action that would break an Invisibility spell, originates from Blessed Fist of Moradin, and extends off of it, the invisibility effect is immediately suppressed for 1d4 rounds, and all passengers. It can be replaced by an authorized character as a full-round action.
At-minimum caster level for Mass Invisibility.

3,627.5 gp in Adventuring Gear, Special Substances and Items, and Food


The damage dealt by Blessed Fist of Moradin per 10 feet of speed it currently possesses if Blessed Fist of Moradin rams another object.


50 bolts for each ballista
50 stones for each mangonel
5 explode stones
50 flaming catapult stones
10 fogstones
5 stormbolts
10 greenroot ballista bolts
50 illuminating bolts
20 holy stones

240 tons in 96,000 cubic feet of space. 44,000 cubic feet have been made into stronghold component space, leaving 52,000 cubic feet of space, and approximately, 130 tons of cargo space.


Whelp, I think that's about done.
It flies, can hide, can kill undead, and it can get outta trouble in a jiff'.

Most Dungeon Masters would force their players to stat out the exact supplies needed and purchased, like with expensive spell components, but I embrace fluidity!
Set sail!

I guess if anything, standing orders would need to be devised.
Watch compositions, and how many of each kind of ammunition is with each mount.

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