X305: The Burning Goddess


Darion surprised everyone by actually saluting when Admiral Hackssler came on the vid. It would seem there are still some things the battered Corellian respects, and the Admiral is one of them.

He remained silent during the following Q&A, either through deference or some kind of hero worship. Either way, he kept his partially artificial jaw closed. Not a thing the scout does much.

Naru sits leaned back in her chair listening to the briefing. She has been absent or just withdrawn a lot sense the tournament on the Kunari. She doesn't need to press the Commander for info he doesn't have, and if Horace was involved, it is probably tactically wise to hit this target. She instead tries a different tact, "Sir, what kind of resources have you lost already in pursuit of this? Anyone we would know? Was this a top squad, or just regular enlisted? What kind of armament or cover were they using?" Those who know her can tell she is already trying to figure out a way to con or sneak them inside if an assault can be avoided. Though odds are Grey won't let that happen, it doesn't ever stop her from trying.

Dorat feels like objecting to the Admiral's statement of "I hate to send you on a suicide mission but I'm going to send you on a suicide mission." but something about the gruff determination in the Admiral's voice makes him think that a light hearted approach to this situation would be frowned upon so instead he listened to the others formulate a plan that he figured only he would remember and attempt to actually carry out once the blaster bolts started flying.

Renk nods in agreement with Naru.
"That's exactly what I was about to ask," Renk says with a slight grin, "Maybe we can get an idea of what we're up against and how to prep if we know what has been thrown at this facility so far."

The Admiral turns his gaze away, and appeared to be reading off something just out of sight.

"Parts of the 56th Airborne we sent in," he begins. "A CR90 corvette with a wing of seven T-65 starfighters and three BTL bombers. Four five-man commando units were on board for ground support. They had orders to retreat if their assessment of the situation suggested a no-win."

"Two Aurek-class recon fighters were sent in seven hours later to investigate. They had orders not to engage."

Tag gives a whistle. "That's a lot of material, Admiral. You know we don't really have room on the ship to do a full-on rescue and recovery, right?"

"I'll reassign forces to that sector based on your recommendation, but I can't divert more resources without some solid intel. If there's room for a rescue and recovery, you'll have the backup you need."


Wookiee: "Right, sneak in, make contact with the locals, ascertain their position of the base and it's purpose, and rescue the people sent in first."

Grey asks, Wookiee: "Don't we have some contracts with companies that produce some cutting edge computer systems? We need a few parts for something I'm working on during my spare time. Can you get us a discount on those pieces?"

Grey didn't care much about the money or the mission, but he had a new toy he was desperately trying to make (when he wasn't blowing up prisoner transports) and the parts were not cheap.

Unable to find any characters in game 4080
-5 Force Points

Hackssler, who had proven himself earlier to have an ear for Shyriiwook, studies the Wookiee closely.

"Most of our tech is built in-house, and I can put you in touch with our Engineering Corps, but I have a feeling whatever you're building isn't what they'd call a weekend project."

GMOOC: No, you can't get to build it on a budget and subvert the whole premise!

"You have your assignment. I wish you the best of luck gentlemen. Hackssler... out."

The faint blue hologram turns around and walks away, promptly fading out.

"You know guys, I really liked that Admiral. He had a certain warmth that only comes from swallowing sandpaper between sentences. Also, he's sending us on one of the more suicidey suicide missions we've been on so that's nice. Shall we head out?" Perhaps it was all those years reporting to Rynah but Dorat had learned to both sarcastically disrespect and never question those in authority.


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