X305: The Burning Goddess

Renk grins as he watches the reserves recharge.

"Nice work, D," He says to his Sullustan comrade, "We make a great team."


Grey takes a seat on the end of the loading ramp, his blade held firmly in his hand, his lightsaber held firmly in the other hand. He wasn't worried, oh no no no. Rather, he wanted to still be in possession of both after the Jawas left. For a moment, and because it was his nature, he began to wonder about recruiting the Jawas as an army. Would they be able to fit an army of Jawas on the Express? How would he deploy them? How long would it take them to tear apart the Revenge from the inside?

Really, the deployment part was the only bit he couldn't figure out. If he could 10 survivors onto the Revenge, he figured they'd be able to rip it apart in no time.

Idle thoughts continued to occupy Grey...

Unable to find any characters in game 4080
-5 Force Points

As idle thoughts occupied Grey, the Jawa mob continued their advance. While Charlie squad took up position further down the scrap hill, weapons at the ready, they seemed genuinely unclear on how to proceed.

"Sir?" asks one of the clone-twins on the coms; the reply comes instantly. "Stand down," commands the Zabrak. "They're unarmed, we're not shooting them. Just stand your ground."

The squad is immediately overrun by Jawa, who march on towards the Express. Some head for the ramp, while others lay ladders on the side of the ship, or begin to climb the easier to reach areas, helping each other up and over.

"Argh!" cries one of the soldiers. "He's got my leg. Get off, get off." One of the marines seemed to be trying to shake one off his boot, violently thrusting it back and forth while the tiny hooded creature latched on for dear life.

Tag flips on the comms, maximum volume. "Okay, everybody off the ship, right now!"


Grey non-violently shoos a jawa off. Wookiee: "Tag? I think there might be a bit of a problem..." he helpfully noted as jawas began swarming everything.

Unable to find any characters in game 4080
-5 Force Points

The Jawa don't seem to give much regard to Tag's command, by now, they had climbed the loading ramp and entered the ship proper, scurrying in every direction. They stop momentarily on hearing the high-pitch noise emanated by the comm system with every sharp syllable, but are not hindered by the temporary discomfort.

Dorat gets on his command says "Don't worry Tag, they are probably just going to make the ship better Jawas do that. They fix stuff. It's nothing to worry about." After switching off his comm he thinks for a moment and turns to Renk saying "Unless they are going to take it apart. Jawas do that sometimes too. Man, can you imagine how much fun it would be to put The Express back together!" It's probably a good thing that Tag wasn't able to hear that.


Watching the wave of Jawas flow into and over the Express, Darion sighs. She was a good ship while she lasted. Maybe they can make something functional out of the junk yard.


Grey herds a group of Jawas up into a single bunch. Wookiee: "That way!" He keeps his language simple by pointing. His finger just happens to be pointing at Rotta's room.

Unable to find any characters in game 4080
-5 Force Points

Renk shrugs - being more or less unfamiliar with Jawas, then grins as the prospect of rebuilding the ship sinks in.

"That would be a *great* project! Between the two of us, we could build the Express better, stronger, faster than before. We have the technology...and I have some ideas!"

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