X305: The Burning Goddess


Darion learned the entire sum of his knowledge about slicing by watching cheap holo-vids, so he doesn't find the scenario Grey describes that out there. On the other hand, if that's possible, why haven't they been doing it this whole time? He replies "If you guys could do that, why didn't you just vent the transport ship then come in and get Horace and the rest of us prisoners after all the Imps had been spaced?"

There is a rather significant amount of body switching that could have been avoided by judicious application of this ADAM in his opinion.

Naru laughs at Darion, "But what if they vented all of you prisoners at the same time. Ooops. Failed rescue mission. From what I understand, Grey nearly did vent the ship into space with all the explosives."


Replying to Darion, Grey says, Wookiee: "We don't have ADAM built yet, we just have the design specs for it. I've been working on it during my spare time," He pauses and looks at Naru, smiling toothily, Wookiee: "when I'm not blowing up prisoner transports. And my skill isn't nearly high enough to fully hack a ship. I can do parts; I could actually vent a ship, if I got full control of the doors." He pauses longer now, obviously thinking through a scenario with him doing just that. He smiles and purrs a bit.

Wookiee: "So we'd be giving up a design that hasn't been tested, but that if they pull off, they can probably win any war they fight. That's why we should keep it."

Grey obviously doesn't wonder about the moral implications of himself having an all-powerful weapon.

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-5 Force Points

"And what really scares me is the 'probably.' Because anyone who can take it from them if they have it would be a hell of a lot scarier for having it." Tag shakes his head. "Example: Imagine if those crazy New Order Sith clones got their hands on it. They can already somehow clone Force-users; if they could add the greatest tactical system ever conceived of to that, they would be invincible."

"Hmmmm. I agree, this doesn't sound like the sort of thing that should falls into the wrong hands. While I'm keen on seeing what this thing can do, I'm not willing to trade it for intel. Maybe you're all chums with this Leechi, but I don't trust her. There's too much for her or the Umbarans to gain...getting this ADAM thing and selling us out to whomever is running this facility," Renk says, rubbing the stubble on his chin, "I'm with Rotta - we should barter for a better, or at least different, deal...maybe even suggest that she side with us - since we have ADAM?"

Naru listens to the arguments, regardless of where they stand, they all agree the Umbaran's can't have ADAM. She lets everyone know she is to continue negotiations, and re-opens the com channel, "Abid Leechi, I am afraid that we cannot agree to those terms. The ADAM prototype is off the table. We understand your need to maintain your position and alliances as they stand, even as much as they may sadden us. Perhaps one day, the Alliance will hold the appeal for you to break from the shadow of the Empire. Perhaps we can negotiate other terms?"
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d20 Results: 6 (Total = 24)
persuasion (24)
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Dice Roll: 1d6+24z
d6 Results: 6 (Total = 30)
Force Points (30)

Leechi shifts uneasily at Naru's response. It was clear that she had expected some resistance, but it seemed she needed the Express as much as they needed her, so, for now, lines of communication were still open.

"You must understand, Umbara's allegiance with the Alliance is conditional. Conditional on the friendly exchange of intelligence, war assets and technology, and Umbara has provided generously, with considerable risk to ourselves and rather one-sidedly. Your position implies distrust."

"Umbara shares the Alliance's vision of an free galaxy, a priority we have decided to place second only to our own survival. The Empire will use any weapon in its arsenal to destroy it's opponents with cruelty and prejudice, and we need to believe the Alliance is willing to do the same in order to prevail in this conflict. Your failure to deploy ADAM has raised doubts in your High Command's competency. The least you could have done is study the technology for its combat-potential."

"Umbara is proposing to do so, openly and with your full cooperation, and so, before you dismiss our proposal, and bearing in mind the magnitude of what I have just said, we must ask: Why?"


Grey guffaws in the background of the holo. Wookiee: "Combat potential? Oh, man, lady, I've done more than study. I could wreck lots of havoc with the potential this thing has. In fact, if I spent all my time considering all the things I could do with it, I'd never get done building it! Hell, if it wasn't for blowing up Imperial prisoner transports, I'd be much further along with building. That, and the Alliance command being cheap about giving me access to their resources. Everybody wants their superweapon, but nobody wants to allocate their budget to help make it happen. Cheap buggers."

Grey opens his mouth to continue ranting... and then finally thinks better of it.

Unable to find any characters in game 4080
-5 Force Points

Tag leans forward. "Because, Abid--can I call you Abid--there are some of us, namely me, who have severe reservations about how ADAM would be used no matter how it was rolled out or deployed. I am personally of the opinion that the galaxy is better off without it, simply because everyone in it is currently trying to get us to do for them exactly what you're asking. It's playing with fire. I'd rather get rid of it, personally, but others are of a different opinion." His eyes flick to Grey and back. "So ADAM is off the table. Find another price."

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