X305: The Burning Goddess

"I think we're well past the point of playing with fire, Captain - whole worlds are burning. To complete your analogy, it is time to fight fire with fire. It's a pity you are unable to stomach the realities of war, but it's moments like these when the line between friend and foe begins to blur."

"We will build it, we have the credits. We'll even extend full access to the Alliance. ADAM is our price and I need a final decision."

"Then the decision is no. Sorry." Tag turns to the others. "This is not up for discussion."


Grey replies after Tag, Wookiee: "We will build it. You will fund 15% of the hardware development. You will not have access to the source code. You will assign a liaison to work with me on the development of the system, and I reserve the right to fire them and request a new one if I figure they're spending more time spying on me than helping, which I assume will be the case in general. This will make you more of a part of the development than anyone else."

"By knowing the 15% of the hardware required, you're closer to building it than anyone else, assuming your spies hand over full tech specs. The liaison will be able to pad that 15% with whatever they can recall from memory, hardware wise. Again, this puts you closer to having it on your own. The source code, however, is completely off the table."

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Abid Leechi sits back, looking a good deal more content.

"We will need guarantees that the project will be completed within an acceptable time-frame and that Umbara will have full-access to the final implementation. To that end, we want the construction to be in a central, secure and, ideally, mobile location. The Trident satisfies those requirements, but we will want to place a garrison on-board to protect our investment. In addition to constant access for not less than five of our technicians, an envoy from Umbara should be allowed periodic access for project review."

"Abid, hold on a second, we'll be right back." Tag mutes the communication, then turns to Grey.

"No, we will not build it. There is no solution I will accept in which we build that thing. It's against everything I stand for, and it would send the galaxy into a war that I would be shocked if it will survive. Grey, I swear to you, if you try to build this, I will fight you with every single resource I have available to me, every step of the way." Tag's eyes are deadly serious. "I am not joking. Don't fight me on this."

"I'm with Tag here Grey. Super weapons are never a good thing and no matter the intentions going in to the construction of a super weapon the end result is always bad. Always. It doesn't matter if we have it, the Umbara have it or one of the two empires. It's just a bad idea." Dorat says.

Naru frowns and leans back, "We shoulda just given the damn thing to Rynah when we got it and been done with it." She is obviously conflicted about this topic, not coming down obviously on Grey or Tag's side.

"As much as it intrigues me," Renk says with a sigh, "I have to agree. This thing seems like more hassle than it's worth - given the time and expense of building it. Maybe we should destroy it?"


Darion has been following along as best he can. He's no slicer, but the construction side he can understand. He says "So sabotage the plans and build it to fail. No reason not to use the best card you've got to make a deal. Just make sure it won't work."

Dorat looks at Darion and says "That I can get on board with. I don't see any reason to not give them bad plans."

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