~The Seeping Darkness~ (New players welcome)

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~The Seeping Darkness~ (New players welcome)

The Seeping Darkness - Forum
Call of Cthulhu
Estimated Members Requested: 6

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It's spring, 1922, and the twenties are just starting to roar. The Great War is over and emotions are high. Prohibition is beginning to be enforced, jazz music is making an entrance, and Warren G. Harding is in the Oval Office. A generation of women throw off their corsets and cut their hair into bobs--anything is possible!


The Seeping Darkness is a campaign for 6th Edition Call of Cthulhu built around a series of published mini-adventures. Between each adventure characters will have time to recuperate, train their skills, and seek psychological treatment. Tying the storyline together are the cryptic whims of an eccentric millionaire who has set out to assemble a team of 'talented' people from a range of backgrounds and professions. (Think League of Extraordinary Gentlemen minus the fantastical literary figures and sexual themes, or the party gathered by Prof. Van Helsing in Bram Stoker's Dracula.)

Previous experience with the system is welcome but not necessary; everything needed for play is already available on the forum and I will be happy to answer any questions here or in PMs. CoC is heavy on role-play so good writing skills and solid, realistic characters are a must. Characters can be die-hard skeptics or fervent believers in the occult, well known professionals or obscure recluses. The only requirement is that they possess some noteworthy skill or knowledge that makes them particularly suited for the thankless job of saving the world.

A warning: Call of Cthulhu characters have a high chance of dying or going permanently insane, and while the investigators in this campaign will be better prepared than most for the things that go bump in the night, there is a good chance one or two will get killed or go mad along the way. If this happens it's not the end of world. Players will be able to roll up new fresh meat characters and keep playing. I promise I'm not a 'meat-grinder' GM, but I won't be pulling the punches for you guys either.

Please ask questions here, but make characters in the Applications folder.

Apps will be accepted until July 18th, although I may close it sooner there are enough applicants.

Game Description:

In The Past...

The name Wolfgang Hodenstahl was once synonymous with 'Adventure'. World explorer, millionaire philanthropist, amateur archaelogist, big game hunter, and of course, ladies' man, the handsome second-generation German American made headlines in all the right papers and friends in all the right circles. His exploits, embellished with the artistic liberties of journalists, held the public in thrawl while his many monetary and artifact contributions to leading scientific institutions made him popular in academic circles as well. (Although more than one archaeology professor was known to gripe that he tended to destroy more history than he preserved.)

His charming, self-deprecating personality made him approachable and at every party or gathering he was the perfect guest: famous, interesting, entertaining, but not one to hog the spotlight. His own parties at his large estate in northern Massachusetts were always well attended and he was known to go bear hunting in the area in the company of Theodore Roosevelt and his cabinet.

On March 1st, 1908, he left the country on a particularly expensive and well publicized expedition to Africa from where, he claimed, he would bring back extraordinary proof of mankind's earliest selves. Leaving the academics lurching between scepticism and anticipation, he set off by ship to Europe and thence, to darkest Africa. The trip was to take six months.

Three years later a broken Hodenstahl crawled into a British settlement on the Gold Coast, his guides and expedition members long gone and his mind unhinged. He was quickly returned to the 'States where the tabloids buzzed madly about what horrible fate may have befallen the expedition and exaggerated every detail leaked about his condition. After a brief stay in Arkham Sanitarium, he returned to his estate and fired all of his staff save three. He refused all visitors and interviews and in time the public grew bored and sought scandal elsewhere.

The world seemed to forget that he existed. For ten years no one has heard from him, not a letter, not a telegram, not a check. Until now.

In The Present...

Several individuals have received strange letters in the mail. Handwritten on fine parchment, they are sealed in dark green wax with a coat of arms bearing an anvil and a coiled serpent.

The Letter
April 3, 1922

My name is Wolfgang Hodenstahl, and I hope this letter finds you well. I understand that you are a person of significant talent and it is my dearest wish to make your acquaintance. I have a proposal that I believe will interest you, but would prefer to speak of such things in person. Therefore I would like to extend an invitation for you to visit my estate north of Arkham, Massachusetts, for the weekend of the 22nd. Enclosed with this letter are train tickets for the Boston & Maine Railroad Depot in Arkham, from which a waiting taxi will convey yourself and the other guests to my country estate should you choose to attend. Please do not feel you are obligated to visit; should your schedule not allow it I will more than understand.

I wish you only the best, and success in all of your endeavors.

Your servant,
W.L. Hodenstahl

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Ah, good. Will jump some skills around to take points in 'Knife'.

I notice some characters have taken skills in the 70 range while I've scattered my points across the board with nothing higher than 60.

A jack of all trades perhaps but does it pay to specialize here and there and max out where you can?

*shrug* Both strategies can build effective characters. If you specialize, you can really shine in certain situations, but if you spread out, you have a better chance of being able to deal with a wide range of scenarios. It's also worth nothing that the lower your skills are, the easier it is to raise them naturally. So a person with several skills in the fifty percent range could more easily get those skills up to sixty or seventy over the course of the campaign, than a person with just a few skills in the seventies could get their skills up to eighty, if that makes any sense.

It does. I've dropped a few down I've put only 10 in raising a few and taking a bit of skill in knife. Updated sheet added to my app.

I've posted my application with character sheet attached, the only thing I don't have currently is equipment. Let me know what you think and if I need to alter anything.

Seems like you've got a number of apps, but do you think a rambling drifter might fit in? I'm new to the rules but things seem to be pretty straightforward. Working on a character right now.

Although there are a lot of apps, not too many of them are finished. I'm certainly still welcoming applications at this stage. I've been skimming apps to make sure things all sound right and offer suggestions if asked, but I'm avoiding reading them too deeply or picking out favorites until a day or two before the deadline. I don't want to penalize anyone who sees the advert late. So by all means, please apply!

A word about a drifter though--each of the characters must have something about them that would recommend them to an eccentric millionaire building a team of ghost-hunters (among other things). A drifter might have skills that would help with this, but he needs to have stood out in some way, either now or in the past, to catch Hodenstahl's attention. Most Call of Cthulhu games deal with regular people thrown into situations way above their heads. This one deals with above-average people thrown into situations way above their heads, so keep that in mind when writing his backstory.

Excellent points. I am playing a drifter, who i not such a vagrant not by choice. A hellhound on my trail situation, so to speak. A promising student at one point who began delving into American folklore and myth. Starting intellectually, he gradually found the subject matter too real, and quite literally found himself facing forces he could not quite comprehend. Not so overt, but enough to make him back up his bags and hit the road for the past decade or so. Will get the sheet out tonight.

Please note that I've played this game only once before, and I'm not extremely familiar with the system. Looking at character creation, I'm curious about something. I see you've given us 30 extra skill points to simulate us being better than average investigators (which is cool). Had you considered doing anything for stat rolls? I've tried to make my character interesting, but the highest stat roll I had on the set I chose was a 14 (I did have a 16 on the other set, but there were a lot of really poor rolls to go with it). Perhaps we could pick one or two of the stats we consider most important to our character and reroll a 1 we got in the rolling process? Then again, if this game works best with the chips falling where they may, I understand that play concept completely.

Aye, that's why I let everyone roll twice and choose which stats they like better. Most CoC games, players just roll once. :3

Okay. Sounds fine.


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