2-3 Replacements for Tomb of Haggemoth

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2-3 Replacements for Tomb of Haggemoth

Dungeons and Dragons: The Tomb of Haggemoth and Beyond - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Jul 15 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 3

I am looking for 2 or 3 players to join in the middle of this adventure, and who are willing to play a game that tends to be more ‘role playing’ then ‘roll playing’. The adventurers need to be level 3.

Game Description:

You slipped, to claim victory in such a manner would be lacking honor...I would not have earned the right to lead. Besides I prefer to defeat my opponents the old fashion way...BRUTALLY!!
this looks like recruitment for replacements? Your character creation may need some adjustment as you are asking for level 3 and requiring level 1. If it is replacement what role need filling?

I am sooo very interested in this. I do own the adventure (somewhere, in a very tomb-like and undisturbed location), but bought it after a game I was in went the way of the dodo.

I would love to play Senka again. We only got to the Oracle. Is there any specific role or character you need replaced?

I would be tempted to make a character, but one question!

Would I be able to be a Dragonfire Adept from Dragon Magic?
If not, I understand, but I figure I would ask.
I have wanted to play one since I was a wee lad xD

Hmm, intriguing idea. I might try applying for it. Aside from the same confusion about starting level (and if it is level 3, 400 gp is way low), will you also allow the PHB2?

Including the Game System in an ad title is unnecessary; that's what we have those nifty system handles for.
Moreover, [Looking for Players] and similar is kind of redundant in an ad title.

Title Changed.


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