2-3 Replacements for Tomb of Haggemoth

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2-3 Replacements for Tomb of Haggemoth

Dungeons and Dragons: The Tomb of Haggemoth and Beyond - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Jul 15 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 3

I am looking for 2 or 3 players to join in the middle of this adventure, and who are willing to play a game that tends to be more ‘role playing’ then ‘roll playing’. The adventurers need to be level 3.

Game Description:

You slipped, to claim victory in such a manner would be lacking honor...I would not have earned the right to lead. Besides I prefer to defeat my opponents the old fashion way...BRUTALLY!!
Hey guys, I will try to answer some questions while Z is away, but obviously whatever the DM says is gold

this looks like recruitment for replacements? ... If it is replacement what role need filling?
Yes, it is for replacements. Our party currently consists of a Ranger/Fighter and a Bard/Rogue.

Aside from the same confusion about starting level
We are level 3 now.

Looks like fun, but as the others say, if this is an in-progress game, what sort of party make-up is already there and presumably we start at L3 with more than 400gp?

Also, no Magic of Incarnum? Why does nobody use Magic of Incarnum?

I could use magic of incarnum just to shake things up, but again we need to know the current party dynamics.

It looks like you are missing primary casters? Healer and Blaster.

It looks like you are missing primary casters? Healer and Blaster.
Yes indeed. Although we do have a NPC cleric.

Alright, let’s see if I cannot make a few things a little clearer here.

Baronkan: Character creation and character roles

To be honest I forgot that this add included a copy of my initial game rite up. So yes it is out of date right know. The starting gold is 2500gp not 400. The other rules still apply.

As for the roles…well at present we have a Human Bard and a Half-elf Fight/Ranger. So really at this point I just need bodies to get this adventure moving again…it won’t matter what. Now that I have said that let me add that I would like to see some diversity and creativity (that is what draws my attention).

Samfool & Nanashi: Using books not on the list

For the most part I would like you to stay on the list. Many of the other books (PHP2, Complete Scoundrel, Magic of the Incarnum, Book of Nine Swords, etc) have some very powerful build/powers in them I would like very much to stay away from. That said, if you are curious you can send me a Private message and ask me about a particular class or feat. I might often say no, but once in a while you might get you way.

-To Samfool: sorry but I have to say no.

-To Jerubbaal: a...goat? Well this adventure takes place on the open sea as the group travels from one island to another...but if you can make the character good then...a goat, really?


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