hunters needed

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hunters needed

Thirst of the Night - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 2

This game is set in a city, which currently has no name, where a team of hunters have been called in to counter the growing threat of the vampyre wars.
Two of my hunters recently just stoped playing so I need two people who will be willing to take their places.

Feel free to talk with the current chacters.
Applications should be placed in the game thread.

Charecter creation:
Level 10
45K gold
Organic chacter creation (DMG 169)
The better your back story the better your probablilty of getting in.
No LA Buyout

Game Description:

They destroyed the town hall last night. These clan wars have been going on far to long. Something must be done. A letter sent to Albania. A fee of 5000 gold pieces. Five hunters. Three clans. Who shall prevail.

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It probably isn't relevant but I did have a dnd build for abraham lincoln vampire hunter.
Something about monk/bard.

Perhaps i can adapt that for this game.

obviously with an altered backstory and name

Hmm, a L10 vampire-hunting campaign is not what I had in mind, but I will roll and see what I get. ;-)

The settign is actually irrelevent as you will never actually be leaving the city in which the campaine takes place.

yes as it is 10 total levels. the 10 includes any level adjustments.

Hehe,,, Out of insane curiosity... Could I theoretically make a Mindflayer Hunter?


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