Crux Europa: Lionhearts -- Defend the Airfield! [Hex-grid Dieselpunk WWII Tactica]

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Crux Europa: Lionhearts -- Defend the Airfield! [Hex-grid Dieselpunk WWII Tactica]

Crux Europa: Lionhearts - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 6

The Lionhearts have strived and survived across the Eastern Front of this war since early Spring, and the Eighth Motorized Rifle Regiment is rapidly approaching it's most desperate hour. Beset on the east by the blitzkrieg of the Orlon Machine State, and invaded from across the northern Valtic Channel by the crushing might of the Tyrian Empire, the Cendrian Republic's will is tested at every turn.

While resting in garrison at Savóie Airfield following the successful withdrawal from Villiers, Victor Company of the Eighth Motorized Rifles finds themselves thrust into the battle again as an Orlon aerial assault strikes with the element of surprise.

Your briefingDefend the Airfield!

Through some unknown trick, the Strategic Air Attack Warning System has been rendered useless. Our first alert was at 1425 this afternoon as Orlon strike aircraft and heavy bombers began a concentrated bombardment on the Airfield, eliminating our ability to launch fighter aircraft to retake control of the skies. Waves of paratroopers have been identified landing in the forests around Savóie: we are surrounded by infiltrators, so expect attack from every angle.

Your area of operations will be the environs around the hangars where Air Assault Brigade VCAS-16 and Victor Company of the Eighth Regiment are stationed. We need to drive the Orlon attackers away from Savoie. Expect heavy aerial bombardment and strafing runs, Orlon Fallschirmjäger elite drop troops, and possibly some sort of integrated ground attack.

You must prevent the airfield from falling into Orlon hands.

..Non Revertar Inultus..


Crux Europa is something a bit like Advance Wars meets Valkyria Chronicles. Rather then a single controlling general however, each squad on the Cendrian side is led by a different player. Communicate your tactics effectively, and guide your soldiers through the crucible of war!

This is a re-recruitment intended to replenish our troop reserves in preparation for Mission 5 of the Crux Europa campaign. You will be joining current members of Victor Company, feel free to introduce yourselves at the Mess Hall to begin integration with your new regimental brethren!

The following are some action shots of Crux Europa's rules in action:

The Rules

Bullethazard: The Core MechanicThe Bullethazard system uses d10 dice exclusively. By far the most common rolls in the game are to determine success of shooting or melee attacks. In the unit sheets, a "Hit Rating" is a number from 1 to 9 surrounded by a square. When you attempt to perform the indicated action, roll #d10 where # is how many attacks you are granted by your chosen action. Remember to multiply die rolls by the number of surviving combat-ready members of your squad who are making the attempt. 3 Riflemen shooting rifles with Hit Ratings of 1 x |6| would each roll 1 dice, for a total of 3d10.

The result on the die indicates success or failure, with lower rolls being better. In the case of the riflemen above, any dice that rolled a 6 or under on their d10 would have scored a hit, and any who rolled a 7 or higher would have missed with their attack.

Rule 0 - Let's face it. Whether it's an inspiring speech to rally some non-combatants to your side, a tense negotiation with an enemy general or neutral party, or stopping a doomsday missile from firing by reversing the countdown, at some point you're going to want to do something that isn't covered by a rule. When this is the case, spend Actions (as seems appropriate to the activity) and roll 1d10... or, if the activity you're attempting is particularly complex or might affect multiple targets, more dice as seems appropriate. You'll need to exercise some discretion. Command will then interpret the results of your actions in the turn update!

Full details of the gameplay can be found at the Crux Europa Rules Manual thread. Our tireless Training Officers have strived to make this document the go-to resource for any question you might have about combat doctrine, field conditions, posting orders via radio transmission, and surviving your wartime experiences.

Below are the complete lists of the available units to the Cendrian armed forces. Following the visual unit cards that convey all of the vital statistics for each class of infantry and vehicle, there are a series of spoiler blocks that focus on specific rules considerations for each unit in turn. If something is confusing, feel free to ask!

Unit Cards





Officier Subaltern




Panhard Assault Cycle

Renault Battle Walker

Hotchkiss Support Walker

Char Heavy Siege Walker

VCAS-16, Two additional Aerial Units are unlocked! VCAS-16, a local Air Assault Brigade will assist the Lionhearts in repelling the surprise attack on Savoie Airfield!

Griffin Attack Wing

Frelon Transport Gunship

How to Enlist

This part is simple. Choose a squad type from the Roster of new Aerial units (directly above), or the current legacy units found in the Rules Manual. Got your chosen class in mind? Good. Click on the spoiler related to your squad. You will find a Unit Card there, it is the first few lines of text contained in the box. Copy and Paste this unit card into your reply! Insert a surname of your choosing in the "Blank" spot for the Corporal fireteam leader (or the Pilot Officer in the case of aerial units, or the Brigadier in charge of armored cavalry units).

Be prepared to carry forward your Unit Data card at all times. It is where you will indicate your experience advances, as well as be a resource tracker for ammunition and abilities spent during battle.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Be prepared for a posting rate of around once every other day if you wish to keep pace with the battle! Sometimes things may go even faster, sometimes they will be slower.

The first Recruiting thread that began this campaign can be found here, if you have questions (especially about setting) you would be wise to begin checking there first for the answers. The long and storied history of Victor Company can be found in the Campaign Archive, where Missions 1 through 4 rest. Know your regimental Tradition! Read up on the Lionhearts Divisional history!

Game Description:

\ˈkrəks, ˈkru̇ks\
1: a puzzling or difficult problem : an unsolved question
2: an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome
3: a main or central feature

They call it The Coil. A festering wound at the heart of the continent of Europa, countless generations of mankind have shed endless rivers of blood to control the raw resources that are cast into the world from the void of this abyss. To control the Coil is to control the fate of Europa. Dynasties rise and fall in time to the heartbeat of the land, and every few years the earth shudders and weeps magma as the Coil rearranges the land in every direction. Then the profiteers emerge, eager to claim resources and drink in the rewards.

The most recent eruption was nearly as long ago as the dark fate of the last nation to try to dictate the flow of Ebontium. Fifty years before the present day, the signing of the Lysian Pact ended hostilities between the Lavathian Combine and the Machine-State of Orlon and created the new nation of Cendria, the first Republic to inherit the ashes at the center of the continent following yet another catastrophic resource war.

But Cendria has flourished nonetheless, and with the timing of the Coil's next eruption long overdue the powerful nations of Europa are again focusing their gaze inward at the heart of the continent.

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One more note. The current recruitment roster looks like so:

Mission 5, Victor Company Roster
Infantry slots (9/14)
[O1] Lt. Laszlo

[F1] Sgt. Loup

[C1] Isabella
[E1] Oswald
[F2] Gantz
[F3] Boyce
[F4] Adams
[L1] Poulin
[V1] O'Donnell

Armor slots (1/3)
[Hsw1] Cous

New! Aerial slots (0/3)

10/20 Total Slots

This includes the veteran fire-team leaders who have already signed on for the upcoming mission, and further veterans may sign on in the coming days. If you are have questions about choosing a unit, or how to maximize your contributions to the war effort, ask a veteran! They are here to guide new recruits in the ways of survival on the grim battlefields of Europa.

Officier Subaltern[O1] Lt. Victor Laszlo-Sgt. Rick Blaine-Adj. Heinrich Strasser
Health: {2.5}-{1.5}-{1.5}
Rifles: [ ][ ]-[ ][ ]-[ ][ ]
Medkit: ( )( )( )( )( )

+.5 Health
Ebontium Ballistic Inserts
Path of Strategy:
After using Flank! on their turn, the Lieutenant may take a 0 Action cost Aimed Rifle shot if they have ammunition available.
Expert Rifleman
Path of Leadership:
The Lieutenant and Sergeant each gain a melee Sword attack (1 Act: 2 x [7], D=2).
Sparring Partners,
+1 Health for the Lieutenant of the squad (and him or her only). If the Lieutenant is unhurt at the start of any phase, the first damaging hit of the round that would cause 1 or less damage is assigned to him or her. Gain +1 usage of the Medkit ability for your squad.
Voltigeur Plating

Current Experience: 0

Good afternoon, Lionhearts. I am your officer in the field on this day. Let me warn you prematurely--we will not all live to see the curtain fall on these fascist Orlon pigdogs. We are outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and caught off guard in our own garrison. Our only advantages are you, Lionhearts, and your fighting spirit. Remember, we shall not return unavenged.

New recruits, allow me to direct your attention to the current roster: You are absolutely welcome to choose whichever unit looks like fun for you, but the veterans have already built up a solid core of combat-oriented infantry. We don't have nearly enough to repel this onslaught, however! I would personally like to see some enthusiastic souls sign on as Grenadiers--swift, offensive, and peerless in the art of blowing S the F up. The tough-as-nails front line Voltigeurs would also be huge boon for us; my unit in particular excels at granting movement and healing to these meat shields, and the defensive advantages we could lend to the rest of the company with a little coordination could save many lives.

Moving into the realm of aerial support, you VCAS boys will need to step up to the plate. Our enemies own the skies. At least one Frelon gunship will give us the rapid redeployment we need to adapt to the Orlon attacks that I expect from every angle. If you and the Griffin attack wings can keep the Fallschirmjägers off our backs this day, you will be considered honorary Lionhearts in my book.

It will not be easy. But if it were, we would not be called upon to do it.

Do your duty, Lionhearts! Non Revertar Inultus!

[C] Cpl.1st Devereaux
S.Rifle [ ][ ]
Vanish! ( )( )
-vanishing focus
-danger aware
[5 xp]

Unit Card[M] Adpt. Rouge
Health: {1.0}
Essence: [∆][∆][∆][∆][∆]
- Path of Flames: Pyretic Ritual
- Path of the Archmage: Mantra of Runic Repetition
Current Experience: 6

Unit Card[L] Cpl. Cantarella - Pte. Cantarella
Health: {1.5}{1.5}
AT Rifles: [ ][ ](1)-[ ][ ](1)
Shred Mines: ( )-( )
All members of the unit gain [+1] Hit rating and +1 attack rate with their Pistols (total of 2x[5], D=1, Range:3 (Ballistic))
Co-axial PDW
[+2] AT Rifle Hit rating when firing on Single shot only and remaining stationary the whole turn, Hunter
AT Sniper
Current Experience: 1

Unit Card[M] Adpt. Beaumont
Health: {1.0}
Essence: [∆][∆][∆][∆][∆]
Other Geomancers may use your current position as a Control node for the purpose of Sigil drawing and spell origin points. (You are essentially a mobile Sigil that cannot be drained, detonated, or otherwise interacted with except as a Control origin. All normal Control rules apply... beware the dangers of overextending a Control network that relies on a Geomancer as a critical node!, Archmage)
Mantra of Runic Repetition
Current Experience: 5

Unit Card[V] Cpl. Mallard

"Hold the line!"

This looks really interesting! I'd love to be involved.

Mission 5, Victor Company Roster
Infantry slots (14/14)
[O1] Lt. Laszlo

[F1] Sgt. Loup

[C1] Isabella
[C2] Devereaux
[E1] Oswald
[F2] Gantz
[F3] Boyce
[F4] Adams
[L1] Poulin
[L2] Cantarella
[M1] Rouge
[M2] Beaumont
[V1] O'Donnell
[V2] Mallard

Armor slots (1/3)
[Hsw1] Cous

New! Aerial slots (0/3)

15/20 Total Slots

Important Message from Field Ops:

We are now at maximum capacity of Infantry slots. All further new recruits are asked to consider an Aerial or Armored choice in order to be selected for the mission.

It bears mentioning that the Lionhearts do possess a Char B1 walker, piloted by Brigadier Atramente (vonClaude). If vonClaude deploys the Char in this mission that will take us up to capacity of Armored units immediately, as the Char occupies two Armor slot choices. In the event that this happens, the Lionhearts will be immediately refunded one more Infantry slot to compensate as is SOP.

Alternatively, if some Veteran players wish to make way for new players (who are most liable to pick a less-complicated Infantry specialization for their first enlistment cycle), specify any redesignations you wish to make now. The rules for that are reprinted below.

Four fusilier teams are well and good to have, but they certainly won't be helping you fend off Orlon Stuka fighter-bombers!

For Veteran Players
Unit Retirement and MOS Redesignation

Experienced squads may find themselves preferring to upgrade to a new squad rather then sticking to their prior designation. If this is the case, you have two options.

You may temporarily "Retire" your first squad to begin fresh as a new green unit, thereby starting from 0 Experience as normal. Your retired unit is not lost, but is a completely separate entity from your present one. During the Planning thread for the next mission, you must choose which of your units to deploy as. If this becomes a habitual trend for people to create "alts" we may put up a new thread at some point to 'store' retired units at, so that they may be brought back to service when desired. Command would PREFER that we didn't go absolutely crazy with this option, hence there is a Limit of 1 unit in "Retirement" (or R&R if you prefer) at a time per player.

Second option is to Redesignate completely to a new unit. This change is permanent, no take-backsies! All Spent and Stored Experience is LOST, except for Universal Upgrades (such as Health, Artifacts, applicable Equipment, and Writs) which may all be carried over if desired. In addition, half (round up) of your total experience earned in the prior battle to the redesignation may be kept and spent immediately, or simply saved up. However, now that armored units have become available, recognize that Redesignation is not an option to upgrade to them from Infantry. Most Universal Upgrades are not transferrable (Health is a meaningless statistic for Armor, for example) and the training cycle is such that only fresh units from training are allowed as new Armored units.

Armor to Armor redesignation is possible, but you will lose all current Upgrades. You may only keep half (rounded up) of the experience earned in the prior battle.


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