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Welcome to Ferrina!

Ferrina Region - Forum
Pokemon Tabletop Adventures
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Okay, the application process is simple. You are experienced trainers, so I'm going to set the level at 10. You can have up to 2 Base classes, and only 1 Advanced class. However, you may only have 2 classes total at the start of game.
Standard creation rules apply. You can also take either Dual Wielding or Weapon of Choice as a bonus Feature (if you choose one as a bonus feature, you may not ever take the other, so pick wisely). You will start with 5 pokemon total, which can be any non-legendary pokemon, and can have up to 1 egg move and 1 tutor move taught to them free. Assume that you have run across any items you need for evolution, should such an item be required. However, unless it already matches the below, any pokemon that evolves by Friendship will just have to come as is. Except for the Ace Trainer, all Pokemon will start at the following levels and loyalties:
Starter: 45 at Loyalty 4
Secondary: 40 at Loyalty 3
Tertiary: 35 at Loyalty 3
Fourth: 35 at Loyalty 2.
Fifth: 30 at Loyalty 2

A pokemon may learn up to 8 Natural/Egg moves, and 5 Tutor/TM moves.

*Note: only apply to the first Base class you start with

Ace Trainer: Your pokemon start at the following, in the same order: 48, 42, 38, 38, 32.

Breeder: You can apply Natural Edge/Natural Edge+ to any 3 of your 5 pokemon. You also can apply two more egg moves total to your pokemon (for a total of 7).

Capture Specialist: You can add 1 more pokemon to your team of Base Capture Rate 20 or higher: Level 25, Loyalty 1. If you take the False Swipe Tutor Feature, you can apply it to two of your pokemon that can learn it, free.

Coordinator: You can apply 2 Normal-level Ribbons of any Type to each of 4 of your pokemon, and 1 Normal-level Ribbon to the 5th.
*Note: There are 4 levels of each Type of Contest: Normal, Super, Hyper and Master. To apply one of the higher rank ribbons, you need to have at least one each of the lower rank of the same type. Ex: To give a pokemon a Master-level Tough Ribbon, that same pokemon must have one each of Hyper, Super and Normal. Each higher level of Ribbon acts as a certain number of Normal-level Ribbons of that Type for the purposes of Coordinator Features: Super=2, Hyper=3, Master=4

Martial Artist: Your Fighting, Rock and Steel type pokemon get a +20% increase in XP. Their Power goes up by 1 (only the Fighting, Steel or Rock types are affected by this).

Mystic: All of your pokemon have 1 Loyalty higher than normal. You automatically qualify for the Feature Sponge, as well as the Advanced Classes Buffet (provided 17 Wis) and Guardian.

Psychic: Your Psychic and Ghost pokemon get a +20% increase to XP. Their Intelligence goes up by 1.

Ranger: Your second highest level pokemon is Loyalty 4 and your fourth is Loyalty 3. Assume that you have befriended 15 pokemon in your career, including 6 of the Capabilities listed for Specialist Befriender, and have performed a distinguished service. Although at this stage, Commander may not be taken, Authority Figure is fine.

Researcher: Will be the only Class that can level up with Pokedex data. You will currently have 100 pokemon seen that I will choose once selections are made. Also, any pokemon in your team with Intelligence 4+ get +2 to that Capability.

What I want from you as applications:
Name: 'Nuff said
Description: I just want a good detailed description of your character. Images are good, but not required, and will not replace this.
Personality: How does your character act in normal circumstances with his/her friends? With those he/she consider superiors, equals or inferiors? What can drive your character to the breaking point, and what happens then?
Background: Give me some idea of how your character got their start. Keep in mind that you'll be working in a shared background after selections are made, so don't get too specific, or at least be flexible.
Pokemon: What pokemon do you have? What are their specialties? How do they act outside of battles or contests? Important stuff.
Goals/Aspirations: What do you see your character becoming by level 15? 25? 50? What would you like to have your character to have accomplished by then? Give me some idea of how to influence your character.
Loves/Likes/Dislikes/Hates: Again, give me some idea of how to drive your character, either by positive or negative influence.

Anything I haven't listed here, feel free to add on if you think it will help. Hope to get some great applications!!!

As a side note: I've already invited one player, so if you can work with him on backstory and ensuring minimal personality conflicts between players, you'll be more likely to get in.

Game Description:

You have been a Pokemon trainer for quite some time, and have made your way to the Ferrina Region. Rumor has it, that this is where the Legendary Jirachi has slumbered for the last dozen years or so, and will slumber for the rest of the millennium to follow. As you reach the summit of the mountains that guard the only entrance into this region, you happen to meet a couple of friends, fellow trainers with whom you used to travel, at the start of your Pokemon journey. What have they been up to? What trials have they, and you, faced? And what lies in store for all of you? Only time will tell.

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I love the idea of character backgrounds working in tandem. Makes me very happy. I just joined the Kanto Region and it is my favorite pokemon game ever. So not sure if I should join this one. Seems too high powered for a fresh noob like me. Though I kind of like the idea of trying out the Marital Artist Class.

Indeed, the idea of trying out a class designed to grant pokemon wedded bliss does sound appealing in some circles...
You're welcome to be a reader if you want.

Definitely interested. I'll have to run some ideas through my head this weekend and see what I can come up with

Now, the Ace Trainer and Type Ace aren't going to be the only classes that get a bonus, they are just up as an example. Other classes will get their own bonuses. For example, a Psychic will be able to have any Psychic pokemon start at similar level to the Ace Trainer's pokemon, plus all Psychic pokemon will start with Intelligence 1 higher than their normal. There will be other benefits, so let me know what you are thinking of.

I'm thinking a breeder/evolver.

Type Ace coming up. I just need to pick a type.
Edit: Going with Ground type via random generation.

Love the idea, but I'm applying for my first PTA game now and am not sure I'm cut out for a higher leveled game like this. If I was I'd apply. =P

How do the levels of the pokemon work out in this campaign. If we are level 10, what will our pokemon's level be? Wait are those numbers, like 45, the levels? Sorry Like I said I am new to this.

Could my character be a deaf martial artist who uses fighting and sonic pokemon?


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